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Skype -- Call World Cup Countries for FREE!

Have you tried Skype yet?  If not, let me HIGHLY encourage you to give it a try during this FREE month trial.  I really don't know if we would have made it in China without this amazing technology because it allowed us to actually see our families a few times a week by chatting via live video with great quality.  We even use it when we're home during the summers to talk to our family members who live in different states.  Right now, Skype is letting you call any of the 32 countries participating in the World Cup completely FREE for an entire month!  Also, if you are calling from a computer with Skype downloaded to a different computer with Skype downloaded, this is ALWAYS free!  You'll never pay a penny! 

If you sign up, you have until July 11th (expiration date) to call any of these countries from your computer (no computer needed on the other side of the call), so you can even call families within the US.  (Think the last few days of your cell phone bill plan when you're out of minutes!)  Head over HERE to learn more about the Skype plans and sign up for your FREE trial.  If you have any questions about Skype, send me an email or comment below and I can try to answer them for you! 
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