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$5 Credit to Eversave - 5 Days of Love


5 Days of Love

Eversave is running a 5 Days of Love promotion, and today's deal is a $5 Eversave credit for new members!  They usually only offer a $2 credit for new members, so you should definitely sign up TODAY if you're not already a member. 

I've gotten at least one deal from them that was $1 in the past, so that would make it free with your $5 credit.  I first signed up with them for the Blue Dolphin magazines $25 credit for only $7 after credit and got All You for only $7, which is a great deal!

GO HERE to sign up for your $5 new member credit with Eversave!  This is for TODAY ONLY, so don't wait :) 

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New Etsy Shop - Quaintly Amusing- and $50 Etsy Giveaway

Adriana from And Baby Makes Three just opened up her own Etsy shop, Quaintly Amusing Party Supplies!  I am always impressed and amazed when a Mom opens her own business...where do you ladies find the time?!? :)  You should definitely head over and check out her new place by clicking on the button below:

And...while you're at it, stop by her blog And Baby Makes Three and check out her sweet giveaway in celebration of the Quaintly Amusing launch.  She's giving away a $50 Etsy giveaway to one lucky winner.  If you win, you can spend that $50 in any store on Etsy! 
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Parents Magazine $1 for 1 year for New Mamapedia Members!

I really like Parents magazine, and they've had some great Amazon coupons in them the last few months.  Right now you can get a full year for only $1 if you are a new Mamapedia member! Go HERE and use the coupon code COUPONCAB4 .  If you are already a Mamapedia member and you still want this magazine for only $1 send me an email or post a comment and I'll send you the info on how you can get it for this price through Barnes & Noble!

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FREE Coffeemate Singles from Staples - Anyone Else Score?

Just curious...did anyone else order the free Coffeemate singles from Staples the other day?  I got an email today telling me to pick my order up at my store!  What a sweet deal!  I love Coffeemate, and I love it even more when it's free:)

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My Ideal US Family Great Getaway
I have long been planning (and hoping!) for my ideal US family great getaway!  Now, I must confess from the start that this getaway is specific to me (and my family), and I don't pretend that many others would enjoy it.  Still, I hope to one day take a small road trip to visit the Yankee Candle factory while touring the New England coast during the fall.  It would definitely be the family trip of a lifetime.

I do believe that I have been begging my husband to take me to visit the Yankee Candle factory in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, pretty much since the day we got married.  I know it seems like a random location to plan a dream vacation around, but I want to go SO much.  I just so happen to have a pretty good sniffer, and I love Yankee candles!  Not only does their flagship store have the King candle, the largest candle in the world, but it also has a vast majority of their scents for sale.  I can't even imagine how wonderful it would be to walk around in this store.  I can totally see why my husband isn't as excited as I am about visiting, but still...anyone else out there with me?

The Yankee Candle store isn't the only reason why I've been dreaming up this vacation for so long.  I also happen to love the fall.  The colors on trees during this time of year take my breath away in a way that not much else can.  I have seen so many beautiful pictures of New England in the fall, and I would really love nothing more than to spend some quality time in a car with my family driving around looking at the foliage.  I get excited just thinking about it, and though I don't know how you can plan such a thing since trees seem to change colors on their own schedule, not man's, I still dream of this every year!

I admitted in the first paragraph that my Yankee Candle-centered road trip is one that only a few would be able to enjoy, but I'd love to know what you think!  What's your opinion of my great getaway?  If you live near this area, is there something else you'd suggest for our road trip?  I'm sure there is so much that we would love to see in this area!  Would you choose something similar or is this your idea of a nightmare getaway?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and maybe get some more ideas.  Who knows...I might never convince my husband to go on this family trip, but I can guarantee that I'll never stop trying :)

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Alamo blogging program, for a gift card worth $50. For more information on how you can participate, click here."

** Side Note: Anyone else got Holiday Road from the Griswold vacation movies stuck in your head now? :) 
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** SOLD OUT ** $10 Starbucks gift card for $5! HURRY!

These NEVER last long, so hurry!  Friends and Family Circle is offering a $10 Starbucks gift card for only $5 today!  Click HERE to get it!
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FREE Coffee-mate Singles w/ In-store Pickup @ Staples

Sweet!  I don't think this deal will last long, so hurry!  And...the order could get canceled, but I think it's worth a try.  Add the French Vanilla Single Creamers to your cart and use this coupon code to get them free -- 69486.  

I had to pay tax of $.19 but others are getting a zero balance, so I'm not sure what your grand total will be, but it's a great deal either way! 

*** Make sure you choose in-store pickup so you don't have to pay the $9.95 shipping fee!!!

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Simple Changes for 2011

Since this is our first New Year back in the United States after our brief 2.5 years in China, this was definitely a key year for implementing simple changes.  Though I am sure that I could say a lot about many of them, I'll focus on three ways to make simple changes in your life so no one gets overwhelmed!  For us, the three simplest (and yet probably most far-reaching changes) have been buying less, spending more (sometimes), and valuing time over money.

I just started couponing a little over a year ago, so this first change - buying less - has been a little hard for me.  If it's free or cheap, sometimes it's really, really hard not to buy!  I've FINALLY started to learn that even good deals cost something (whether it's gas, tax, time, etc.) and if I can't use it or give it away, then I don't need matter what it is!  I think this is something that all couponers struggle with, but I've started using and watching every single dollar I spend, and we really are saving since I haven't been spending $1-5 here and there for things we really don't need.  If you struggle with this too, I encourage you to try it out for a week or two and see how much you can save :)

The second change might sound counterproductive to the first, but it's really not.  In addition to buying things we didn't need, I often found myself NOT buying things that my family would have enjoyed because those things cost more than "the deals".  For example, I might not buy chips for my husband for months just because they weren't on sale.  The $1.50 to $2.00 I might have spent per week on chips would have made my husband happier, I think, and that's why this year we are going to spend a little more.  We aren't going to go crazy, but spending a few dollars here and there for something you ACTUALLY want versus spending fifty cents on things we don't really want is worth it! 

This last change is definitely the most meaningful one.  We've had a lot of opportunities lately for my husband and I to make a lot more money, but we would have had to sacrifice a fair bit of our time together as a family to do it.  Having more money but not having the time to enjoy the blessings that God has given us is not our idea of a meaningful life, so this year we have decided to really evaluate every opportunity and make sure that they aren't counterproductive to true riches.  Some of these "opportunities" are sneaky and they look like something great, but when you take the time to realize what you stand to lose if you take them, passing on the opportunity is the best choice to make.

So, there you have it!  Three simple changes- buying less, spending more (sometimes), and valuing time over money- that have made a pretty big difference in our lives.  What about you?  What have you been doing differently this year that has had a positive impact on your life?  I'd love to hear your stories!   It would be great to have some ideas for next year :)

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RIDGID Fiber Cement Saw Giveaway @ Tool Box Buzz

Now here's a site that my husband would like to visit!  Tool Box Buzz is for "all you serious tool junkies".  You can find out info on all the latest tools and brands from professional contractors, remodelers, and DIY enthusiasts.  Right now they also have one sweet giveaway! Tool Box Buzz is giving away a Ridgid Fiber Cement Saw! You have until the 8th to ENTER HERE!
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The Low Entry Lowdown & This for That -- Who's Taking Over?

Sorry it has taken me so long to share about what I'm doing, but we've been so busy over the holidays!  I had a few ppl show interest in taking over either the Low Entry Lowdown or This for That, and I don't want to keep anyone from doing it, so...I decided that it's a big enough job that more than one person can DEFINITELY do it! 

If you want to host the Low Entry Lowdown or This for That on your blog, just sign up on the linky below with your preference.  I'll make a list next Monday and post it so that bloggers will know where to find your Low Entry Lowdown or This for That linky.  Thanks for all of your really kind comments, and I hope that those of you who take this on really enjoy it! 


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Secondhand Lions & $10 Walmart gc giveaway!

Here's a fun little giveaway -- You can win the movie Secondhand Lions AND a $10 Walmart gift card at The Professionally Insane "M"! Good luck :)
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$5 Starbucks gift card only $1! HURRY! HURRY! HURRY!

This may not even still be available because this will go so fast, but if you hurry you might be able to get a $5 Starbucks gift card for only $1 with Family Finds!  GO HERE AND CHOOSE THE LOS ANGELES DEAL IF THEY DON'T HAVE YOUR CITY!

Thanks, Hip2Save!
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FREE $5 credit to Jasmere for taking survey (less than 1 minute!)

Sweet!  I love these free credits!  I've gotten quite a few freebies or close to freebies with them : )

I've never purchased anything from Jasmere yet, but you can get a FREE $5 credit for filling out a survey.  I just did it and it took me less than a minute.  If you aren't a member of Jasmere yet,  you'll need to go HERE FIRST to register.  Then go HERE to take the survey.  If you're already a member, just click to take the survey.  I've heard you can get some good things on this site with only five dollars...can't wait to find out!

Thanks, Hip2Save!
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Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway @ Raenbows and Mud Puddles!

Raenbows and Mud Puddles is giving away a $35 gift card to Starbucks!  That's one sweet way to start off the new year!  ENTER HERE!
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