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The Low Entry Lowdown & This for That -- Who's Taking Over?

Sorry it has taken me so long to share about what I'm doing, but we've been so busy over the holidays!  I had a few ppl show interest in taking over either the Low Entry Lowdown or This for That, and I don't want to keep anyone from doing it, so...I decided that it's a big enough job that more than one person can DEFINITELY do it! 

If you want to host the Low Entry Lowdown or This for That on your blog, just sign up on the linky below with your preference.  I'll make a list next Monday and post it so that bloggers will know where to find your Low Entry Lowdown or This for That linky.  Thanks for all of your really kind comments, and I hope that those of you who take this on really enjoy it! 


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FreeIndeed said...

I would love to host the Low-Entry Linky and already have one set up. As long as the end date is clear, it's pretty easy to keep up with!

Tori said...

I went ahead and created a this for that kind of linky. Feel free to check it out!!


Gale said...

Hi! I missed the linky date, but I have a low entry linky I publish here:

It only accepts giveaways with under 50 comments (or 50 comments per prize if there's more than one winner), and you have to put how many at the end of your post.

Gale said...

PS: Thanks for opening this up to others. I've really enjoyed participating in both.

Gale said...

I was wondering when you were going to announce the people taking over on your blog? Thrifty Tori is doing a good job with her version of this for that on her blog ( ...but it's slow going getting participation. A post letting your users know about what she's doing would really help her out. :-)

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