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Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu Free!

Our family had a really rough go of it last cold and flu season.  If my two-year-old wasn't sick, then I was sick or my husband was sick.  We seemed to keep passing things around to each other until I could hardly wait for spring/summer and the end of months of sickness!  This year, we decided we HAVE to be proactive because we can't handle another winter like the winter of 2010.  Here are some things we are resolved to do to keep our family cold and flu free this year:

1) My husband and I will be getting the flu shot.  I am excited about this since they have the new shots that don't require needles.  I'm not a fan of needles, so I think this is an amazing new way to administer the flu vaccine.  I believe my daughter is still too young to get the shot, but even if she does get the flu, two healthy parents to take care of her is better than all 3 of us getting it at once.  What a nightmare when everyone in your house is sick at the same time!

2) I will be routinely wiping down surfaces and anything that my daughter brings to school or outside the house with sanitizer.  I really love the Lysol two-sided wipes for our kitchen because I can scrub and it's disinfecting at the same time.  Keeping our surfaces free of germs is an important way to fend off colds and the flu.

3) We've already started using hand sanitizers before and after we enter stores.  I find that we stay well longer when we wipe off carts before we use them and when we sanitize our hands before we leave the stores since we usually touch lots of surfaces during our shopping time.  I've even started carrying a small hand sanitizer with me to use if my daughter happens to touch anything that I think might have more germs on it than her immune system can deal with.  BUT...I am careful not to overdo it either.  I do want her to come in contact with some germs to build up her immune system.

4)  We are going to be eating healthier and taking our vitamins! My husband and I have set aside extra money for fruits and veggies during the winter months because it's important to eat well to stay well.  We've also started to focus on taking vitamins to fill in what we might be lacking in our diets.

So, there you have it!  These are four steps we've taken to help our family stay cold and flu free this year.  We've got a long way to go, and I'm sure we'll come up with other ways to stay healthy as the months progess.  If you've got a tip on how you keep your family healthy, I'd love to hear it in the comments section!

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Costume Discounters Review - Ladybug Toddler Outfit

Does anyone remember what our daughter was for Halloween last year?  Think dog costume...
No, we didn't dress her up like a dog.  She wore an actual DOG costume, as in one that was made for a dog. When Halloween night came and we realized what we had done, we were pretty embarrassed and determined to do a MUCH better job on our only child's Halloween costume next time.  So, when Costume Discounters asked me to do a review of one of their items, I was more than happy to do so and thereby to redeem myself!

One of the first things that I noticed when I was looking around on their site is that the costumes are not only really creative and seem to be of high quality, but they are also really reasonably priced.  The fear that quality Halloween costumes must cost a fortune was what got us in the dog costume situation of last year, so I was really surprised that I could have bought her a really cute costume for less than $20.   Costume Discounters makes finding the perfect outfit for a great price a lot easier than I thought it would be because of the different browsing options they offer .  I can browse popular characters or themes, infant Halloween costumes, different genres, holidays and even specific costume types such as cowboys or pirates.  They even have clearance sections and costumes priced BELOW COST!    And...if you find an indentical costume for a lower price on the web, they will match the price and take off an additional 20%! Now that's a deal!

Once I clicked on infant/toddler costumes, I was able to search more detailed categories such as animals, Disney, fairytales, and bees, bugs, and butterflies.  My daughter is OBSESSED with ladybugs, so I chose to review the Infant Toddler Lovely Ladybug Costume.  The retail value of the costume is $37.99, which is the type of pricing I was afraid of, but the Costume Discounters price is $11 cheaper - only $26.97.  The best part is that you can order all of your costumes from Costume Discounters and get FREE shipping when you spend $70, AND if you ordered a costume and it doesn't fit, they will pay the shipping to exchange it.  I think this is a great deal because I was a bit worried when choosing a size for my daughter.  All people are not created alike, so it's nice to know that I have the freedom to exchange one size for another without paying extra!  I wasn't able to find such an exchange policy on any other sites that sell costumes, so this is another reason why I like Costume Discounters so much. 

Here's what the costume looked like right out of the box it arrived in:

And here's what it looks like on my daughter!

The costume fit my daughter perfectly in all respects except for the polka dot armbands.  They were much too small for a 24-month old, and even though I tried my best to stretch them out, they would only go a little past her hands and they were really tight.  Everything else really was fantastic though, and we had a VERY hard time getting my daughter to take the costume off before she went to bed because she loves it! 

One of the things that I love about this costume is that the quality is good enough that it's not just a Halloween costume.  I know my daughter will use it to play dress up too as long as she's able to fit in it.  In fact, I'm pretty sure we're going to be seeing a little ladybug around the house A LOT before Halloween even gets here :)  When she grows out of it, it's durable enough that I think we'll still be able to pass it along to a friend.  This is important to me because I don't want to spend money on a costume that's only going to last one night.  Even if I buy a super cheap costume, that's still a waste of money.  So, if you're looking for a quality costume for a great price, I HIGHLY recommend Costume Discounters.  My daughter will be wearing her Lovely Ladybug costume for a very long time, and we know where to go next time we're in the market for costumes for infants, children or adults!
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Seventh Generation Diaper Pack Giveaway Winner Post

A big thank you to Seventh Generation and MyBlogSpark for hosting this review and giveaway, and thank you to all of you who took the time to enter!!!

Out of 147 entries, the lucky winner is comment #111, Amy 16323! Congrats, Amy!!  Hope you like the diapers as much as we did!

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Seventh Generation Diapers Giveaway - My Blog Spark

I just hosted a diaper shower this past weekend, and one of the topics that came up (of course!) was the effects of using disposable diapers on the environment.  Most people are aware of this debate and most are also aware of how Seventh Generation seeks to provide a diaper that has less of an effect on the environment than the average disposable diaper while still offering a product that keeps your baby dry!

Now, the Seventh Generation diaper has a new look! "What Seventh Generation leaves out is just as important as what they put in.  Free & Clear diapers do NOT include chlorine processing, fragrances, latex and petroleum based lotions."  They have a lighter weight core (which leads to less landfill waste while continuing to offer premium absorbency) and chlorine-free wood pulp.  This makes certain that NO chlorine is released into the environment during the whitening process.  Seventh Generation has also reduced the size of their diaper packages, so they contribute even less landfill waste than before.  This also allows the pacages to be recycled at local supermarkets where plastic recycling collection boxes are available, which I love! 

While trying these on my daughter, the first thing I noticed is that the velcro is "stickier" than the velcro on most diapers, which I really like because it's a lot harder for her to pull off her own diaper.  Any Mom with kids who are constantly pulling off their diapers knows how valuable this is!  The diaper itself is really durable, and it does have fantastic absorbency.  It would be nice if they had some sort of characters or pictures on the diapers, but I imagine this would interfere with what makes them the unique diapers that they are, so I feel that this outweighs having a cute diaper.  Overall, I am really impressed at the high quality of these diapers and knowing that they are better for the environment is icing on the cake!

Would you like to try out the new Seventh Generation diapers for yourself?  You can print a $2 coupon good for any Seventh Generation diapers, training pants, OR wipes HERE.

AND...Seventh Generation has teamed up with MyBlogSpark to offer one lucky reader a FREE pack of their new diapers!  Here's how you can enter to win:

NO MANDATORY ENTRIES!  Do any or all below. 

1) Tell me - what's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of eco-conscious baby products?  One word, a phrase, a sentence?  Let me know!
2) Follow Seventh Generation on Facebook
3) Follow Seventh Generation on Twitter
4)Tweet about this giveaway using the tweet button at the bottom of the post and add @SeventhGen and #myblogspark

Please leave a different comment for each of the four entries.  

This giveaway will begin on July 21st and end on July 28th at 8 pm EST. 

The coupon, prize pack, information and giveaway were all provided by Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark.
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Melissa and Doug Toys (and more) - Pay $7 Shipping ONLY!

SaveMore Daily Deals

Yet another Groupon-like site is offering a $10 credit to new members.  If you join today, you get a free $10 credit.  One of their deals of the day is for $20 to, which has Melissa and Doug toys.  They have lots of other stuff too, and if you find something under $20, you'll only pay the $6.95 flat rate shipping fee.  Many of the toys I saw were under $20, so this is a fantastic deal for Melissa and Doug!

Cutting Food BoxWooden Bake & Serve Brownie SetAlphabet Sound Puzzle

The link above is my unique referral link, but if you prefer, you can go straight to

Thanks, Swaggrabber!
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Fiber One Cereals Review & Giveaway Winner Announcement

Thank you to all who entered this giveaway!  Thank you very much for sponsoring this giveaway General Mills and MyBlogSpark!  Out of 210 entries, the winning entry was #122, Carol!

Congratulations, Carol!  I hope you enjoy your Fiber One cereals :)
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Fiber One Cereals Review & Giveaway (My Blog Spark)

How many grams of fiber is the average person SUPPOSED to consume each day?  If you're like me, you have NO idea how much fiber you should get each day, much less whether or not you're actually getting it!  According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, we're supposed to consume 25-38 grams of fiber per day, but the average American only consumes about 15 grams :(

The good news is that Fiber One is now making it easier than ever to get your recommended daily fiber with their YUMMY cereals that offer AT LEAST 30% of the daily fiber value per serving.  In addition to Fiber One Original, they also have Honey Clusters, Raisin Bran Clusters, Caramel Delight, and Shredded Wheat.  Eating fiber is not only "associated with reduced risks for cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes", but it also helps you feel satisfied longer, so it helps you stick to your diet and lose weight.

I was excited when My Blog Spark offered me the opportunity to try all five cereals because I do realize that I need more fiber in my diet and I was curious to see if these taste as good as Fiber One claims they do.  Of all the cereals, the Shredded Wheat is my ABSOLUTE favorite, and I will be buying this all the time.  Not only does it actually taste great, but it's a fantastic on-the-go snack.  I've started putting it in baggies and taking it with me when I go to the grocery store.  My daughter and I share them while we do our shopping, and I feel good knowing that she's getting a pretty healthy snack that she loves.  You really can't tell that Fiber One products have the extra fiber in them, so I really think it's worth it to choose these cereals in the variety you love so you know you're getting the fiber you need. I think Fiber One has done a good job of creating a variety for everyone out there too.  In fact, my husband can be rather hard to please in the cereal department, but he's foregoing dessert and enjoying a bowl of the Honey Clusters right now.  And...he's giving it the thumbs up :)

If you'd like to try one of the new Fiber One cereals for yourself, click HERE to download a printable coupon for $.75 off any 1 Fiber One cereal.  If you wait for a good sale, this could make for some really inexpensive cereal that tastes great and is good for you :) could win ALL FIVE CEREALS from Fiber One and My Blog Spark here! 

No mandatory any (or all) of the entries below.

1.  Leave a comment telling me which Fiber One cereal you would try first if you win. (1 entry)
2. Like Fiber One on Facebook. (2 entries)
3. Visit Fiber One online and tell me one additional way to incorporate fiber into your diet (3 entries)

** Leave the same number of comments as entries.  For example, if you complete #3, leave three comments to get three entries**

This giveaway will end on Monday, June 20th @ 8 pm EST.  

Disclosure:  I was provided with one Fiber One prize pack from General Mills and My Blog Spark for me and the winning reader.  The winner will be chosen using
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Zearly Gift Certificates Back!


Quick!  I don't know how long they will last, but if you bought the 250 Zearly points on Mamapedia last week, you should be able to use the points to buy a $25 Target gift card or $25 Amazon gift card.

These didn't last long before, so I would hurry if you want one! 
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Mamapedia - Possible $25 gc for $20 (can use credits!)

I haven't posted in FOREVER, but I just saw this deal and wanted to let you know in case you have any Mamapedia credits!

Mamapedia currently has a Daily Deal for Zearly.  This company sends you postage-paid bags that you fill with your childrens' gently used clothing and trade in for points.  The part that makes this deal so great is that you can use these points to buy gift cards as well as more kids clothes. would pay $20 for $62.50 worth of points on Zearly (that should work out to 250 points), and then you can use those points to get a gift card to Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more! 

Now, I don't know for sure that Zearly isn't going to say that you actually can't use those points from Mamapedia for the gift cards, so I would use caution when buying this.  I bought it only because I had a $20 credit with Mamapedia, and I'm willing to take that chance.  They are presently out of most of their gift cards, but the voucher doesn't expire until November 14, 2011, so I'm guessing they will get in more by that time.

Again, use caution when buying this.  If you have credits, it could be a great deal if it works, but if you spend the $20 and it doesn't work, well...that would just be a great waste of money :) You could also actually plan on sending them some of your kids' clothes for points.  I always end up giving a fair amount away after my daughter grows out of them, so I think I'll try this to see if it's worth it.

Go HERE to purchase this deal with Mamapedia!

Thanks, My DFW Mommy!
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FREE Woman's Day Subscription from Mercury Mag!

Mercury Magazines is offering up a FREE subscription to Woman's Day today HERE!  I have signed up for SEVERAL free magazine deals, and they really are free.  You don't put in any financial information at all, so you can't be charged.  They will include a slip in your last free issue if you want to sign up to pay for more issues, but that's totally up to you whether or not you want to continue receiving the magazine or not.  Mercury Magazines is one of my favorite companies because they don't just offer free mags to the first 500 people, so you usually get the magazines if you sign up early enough.

Thanks, Hip2Save!
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FREE Bruegger's Bagel & Cream Cheese Sandwich thru 3/24!

Yay!  Bruegger's has a coupon out for a FREE Bagel & Cream Cheese sandwich valid through 3/24 HERE.  You can check their site to see if you have a Bruegger's near you HERE.  I highly recommend their cinnamon bagel - so yummy!

Thanks, Swaggrabber!
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Hurry! FREE coupon for International Delight Breve on Vocalpoint!

If you are a member of Vocalpoint, hurry over HERE and sign up for a FREE coupon for International Delight Breve.  I don't think this will last long, so hurry if you want one.  If you aren't a member of Vocalpoint, you could try signing up first and see if they will send it to you.

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FREE 1 year Subscription to Thriving Family

Focus on the Family

I've never heard anything about this magazine before, but it looks really good!  Right now, Focus on the Family and are partnering together to offer a FREE 1 year subscription (6 issues) to Thriving Family.  I just signed up, and I'm looking forward to reading the articles.

Go HERE to sign up for your free 1-year subscription!

Thanks, Mojo Savings! .................................................................
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Purex Complete Crystals Softener Review 

I've been seeing lots and lots of information about Purex Complete Crystals Softener on various blogs, but it wasn't until I became a Purex Insider and got to try it out myself that I learned why this new product from Purex is so unique.  I love taking out a warm load of laundry that smells so good and fresh, but I had no idea that traditional fabric softeners are REALLY bad for my clothes!  Here's a quick run through the facts that I found pretty astonishing considering I've been using fabric softener since I started doing my own laundry over 20 years ago.
Did you know that most traditional liquid fabric softeners:

1. Are oil based?  Which means they COAT your fabrics in oil :(  That means over time your clothes will start turning gray or yellow because the softener inhibits the proper cleaning of your laundry, so your clothes won't last as long. 
2. Can decrease your towels' ability to absorb water?  I really, really don't like using one of those towels that DON'T REMOVE WATER.  Using traditional fabric softeners interferes with the absorbency of fabrics since it coats them in oil, so over time you end up with towels that just won't remove water from you, dishes, etc. 
3. Can make your children's sleepwear less safe? When clothing fibers are covered in oil, they become less flame retardant, so even though childrens' clothing has been treated to meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission's standards, using traditional liquid softeners impairs the effectiveness of the treatment.
4. Can reduce the effectiveness of your sportswear? Sportswear is made to wick moisture and perspiration away from your body while you work out or play sports, and again, when you coat your clothing in oil by using the traditional liquid softeners, the effectiveness of the wicking is compromised.

The new Purex Complete Crystals Softener is 92% natural, not oil-based like other liquid fabric softeners, so it DOESN'T coat your fabrics in oil!  This means that it's 100% safe to use on childrens' clothing, it does not inhibit the wicking properties of sportswear, it ensures that your towels stay fresh and absorbent, and it works by penetrating and infusing fabric fibers with freshness that lasts for weeks, not just days!

I think that consumers are so used to seeing "new" product after "new" product hit the market, but it is a rare occasion with something truly NEW comes out.  I would have to say that new Purex Complete Crystals Softener is really a unique product that will improve the way that we soften and freshen our clothes and other fabrics.  In addition to the above information here are the Pros and Cons as I see it from my own personal use of this product:

* the directions are super easy to follow.  I knew just how much to use and how to correctly use the crystals
* the scent is just right.  It was pretty strong when I smelled it out of the bottle, but it was perfect after my clothes had been through the dryer.  I didn't smell the scent every time I used anything I had washed with the Purex Crystals, but that's okay with me because I don't usually want to smell like softener, though I do enjoy folding laundry that smells fresh.
* I can only take Purex's word that I am going to see long-term benefits from using the Purex Crystals because I just started using them.  In a few weeks/months, I should be able to see if there is a difference in my clothes and how long they last. 

Cons:  I was not a HUGE fan of the scent, Fresh Spring Waters.  I didn't hate it and I think it will be a great scent for others, but I will personally be choosing a different scent (either Tropical Splash or Lavender Blossom) for regular use.

I encourage you to check out the Purex website for more information and some great coupons for Purex products! 

Disclosure:  I was provided with a small sample of Purex Complete Crystals Softener and a coupon good for an additional FREE Purex Complete Crystals Softener full-size product.  Opinions on this product are my own. 
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Win $.50 to $3.00 with Cellfire - from 6 am to 9 pm EST today only!

Make sure to log in to Cellfire any time between now and 9 pm EST today to see what you've won!  Everyone wins at least $.50 and some will win $3.00 off his/her next grocery store purchase.  I actually won $3, which has NEVER happened before! 

If you haven't signed up for Cellfire yet, I highly recommend it!  I usually forget when I win one of these amounts (they have been running this promotion frequently lately), and then it's nice to see that come off when I go to King Sooper's.  It's free to sign up and you'll just need your shopper's card, so you should definitely sign up today if you haven't already! 

Thanks, Hip2Save!
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**$45 CSN gc WINNER**

As always, I would first like to thank CSN stores for letting me hold this giveaway on Ten Talents.  It's nice to be able to give something back to my readers:)  And a big thank you to those of you who took the time to check out the Eames Lounge Chair and enter the giveaway! 

Out of 430 valid entries, the winner of the $45 CSN gift card code is #27, Letherton!

Congratulations :)  I will be emailing you shortly!
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FREE Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes!

Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast
While supplies last, you can head over to Aunt Jemima's FB page, like them, and watch a short video for a coupon good for free frozen pancakes.  To watch the video, click on the red arrow on the small picture (under the "meet some of the folks" note). 

Thanks, Hip2Save!
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$45 CSN gc Giveaway Ends Tomorrow at Noon EST! **Bonus Entry**

Don't forget -- my $45 CSN gc giveaway ends tomorrow at NOON EST, so you've got less than 24 hours left to enter!  Here's a **bonus entry** for my readers - tell me your favorite dessert on the giveaway post for one extra entry.  This only counts if you've completed the mandatory entry, and you can take this bonus entry if you've already entered in the past or if you're just entering today!

Good Luck! 
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This for That or LEL...Where Can U Find Them?

A big thank you to Gale from ScribblePrints for letting me know that it might help for me to post about some blogs that are hosting their own This for That and LEL linkys!  The problem is that the linky no longer works and I can't see any of the information, so....I only know of two: (1) Tori from Learning to be Thrifty is hosting a This for That type linky called the Helping Hand Linky.  (2) Gale is hosting a linky for giveaways with less than 50 entries HERE.  If you are also hosting a This for That or Low Entry Lowdown type post/linky, please leave a comment with a link to your site/post/linky so others can find it.  I will direct ppl to this post in the future if they are looking for either type of linky.

Steph............................................................................. ............................................................................ ............................................................................
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1000 FREE Rollover Minutes with AT&T

**Update** According to MojoSavings, this was confirmed as 100% valid with AT&T, and you won't be charged anything!  It's their way of saying Thank You! 

If you have AT&T and free texting, you can text yes to 11113020 and get 1,000 Bonus Rollover minutes!  I just did it and got this message:

"Thank you for accepting our free 1000 bonus Rollover minute offer.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing."

You can also text this if you don't have free texting, but you will have to pay your standard texting charges.

Thanks, My Frugal Adventures!
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Walgreen's Possible RR Deal

If you have any $10 RRs left from past deals that are going to expire soon, here's a way to use it/them and get $10 in RR back with little out of pocket. 

1- Right Guard Body Wash @ $3.99
1- Ocean Spray @ $2.99
1- Arnicare Gel @ $5.99
Total before coupons: $12.97

Use $1/1 Right Guard coupon found on the bottle
Use $2/1 Arnicare Gel coupon found HERE (Thanks, Who Said Nothing in Life is Free!)

Total after coupons: $9.97.  You will need to get over $10 to use the RR, but you should be able to find something cheap to bring your total over $10.  You could buy the Valentine's Conversation Hearts for $.39 (with in-ad Q) or maybe even find something in your clearance section!  
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Disney Movie Rewards Points (I got 150 points in 5 minutes!)

Just wanted to share that there is at least one new survey available for you to take to get Disney Movie Rewards points!  These surveys are SUPER easy...I think I spent about five minutes total for 2 surveys, and I got 150 reward points for that.

To see if you have any surveys available, log into your Disney Movie Rewards account (or sign up for one if you don't have one).  Then click on "My DMR" and then "Surveys".  It will show you any surveys you have available and how many points each is worth.  I have been saving up my points for a LONG TIME, and I'm excited to get something fun soon!
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Family Dinner Table Etiquette

Dinner Time...that long-awaited and, during some phases of a baby's life, dreaded part of the day :)   Dinner time was pretty easy for us before our little one came along.  I'd make something that both my husband and I liked, we'd eat, clean up, and it was done.  We had fun discussing the day's events and maybe making plans for the week.  Etiquette wasn't really something we thought about.  Fast forward three years -- dinner time with a one-year-old lady takes a little getting used to, and etiquette is on your mind a lot since the rules are usually being violated.  Here are some tips we've learned along the way that you might find useful for your dinner time routine.

Tip 1:  DON'T make dinner time TV time (or phone time).  I have to admit that we rarely follow this one, but it's something we are working on.  I look forward to days when my daughter can join in the conversation with us, and I think family dinner time will really be special for us.  Right now she mostly just eats, throws her food around and smiles at us, but I don't want TV to get in the way of this quality time in the future!

Tip 2: DO teach your kids to use a spoon and fork at an early age!  My daughter is currently going through a stage where she knows how to use her fork and spoon but is refusing.  This has really taught me to value that she at least KNOWS how to use them!  She is so much messier when she uses her hands only, which leads to bigger messes for me.  It's important to teach her by example and repetition that using her fork and spoon is the right way to eat.  I have hope that "this too shall pass" and that what we taught her early on will serve us well in the future when she starts using them again :)  

Tip 3: DO eat together...and do whatever you have to do to make that possible!  I used to try to make my daughter wait to eat with us, but that was a BIG MISTAKE!  I learned that I needed to give her a snack to tide her over until we could all eat together.  Now she's not starving by the time we eat, and we get to enjoy our meal together.  This gives us time to show her the proper way to eat with her utensils, and it helps us keep an eye on that milk so it doesn't mysteriously end up in her food :)  It also helps us teach her the value of spending that time together so that later in life she'll want to be there because she knows the importance of it. 

Tip 4: DO make dinner time a fun time!  Yes, you get tired of cleaning food off the floor, the high chair, the baby (and sometimes yourself), but try not to let the stress of dinner time make you dread it! Maybe you'll think this is horrible, but I stopped cleaning up ALL of the mess from each meal and started waiting until after dinner to do a more thorough cleaning.  This way I'm not upset if some (or most) of her meal ends up on the floor, and we can all enjoy our dinner together. I still try to teach her the etiquette of cleaning up and not making a mess during our meals, but I found that enjoying the time was actually more important than those least for now :)

These are just a few simple do and dont's for dinner time that work for our family.  We still have SO much to learn when it comes to table etiquette with a baby, but we have had fun learning and we enjoy this time with our lady.  I can only imagine that it will get better and better as she starts to interact more with us, though I know that time will bring new dinner time challenges too!

So, what about you?  I'd love to know what you've learned that has helped make dinner time a success in your home...and I'd love to know what to expect as my daughter gets older.  Funny stories are highly encouraged!!! 

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese blogging program, for a gift card worth $50. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”
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FREE Chef Boyardee Coupon for 1st 50,000

Head over HERE to get a coupon for a FREE can of Chef Boyardee.  1st 50,000 only!

Thanks, Hip2Save and Swaggrabber!........................................................................................................................
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$45 CSN gift card giveaway **ENDED**

Since we were first married, my husband has long been on a hunt for the perfect "man chair".  I have yet to see this man chair materialize from what he has in his mind to something tangible we can use in our living room, but I'm going to go ahead and say that CSN's Eames Lounge Chair is nothing if not a MAN chair.  (A very rich man's chair, but a man chair nonetheless!)  Boy, what a fantastic Valentine's gift that would be!

Speaking of Valentine's Day gifts, you could definitely find something nice at one of CSN's 200+ online stores.  They offer free shipping on a lot of their items, and since CSN is giving one of my readers a $45 gift card good at any of their stores, I'd love to show you some items you could get for $45 or less shipped!

 How about this pre-seasoned cast iron 10" round griddle with a ribbed grilling surface:

Only $13.85 plus shipping!  That's a great price!  I like the idea of grilling but not having to stand outside in the cold :)

Or maybe you're in the market for a high chair.  We got ours (see below) from CSN stores, and we LOVE it.  It's really sturdy, but it's lightweight so we can move it around as needed!
Cosco - 03354AAD - Flat Fold High Chair in Wild Adventure
This one is only $34.99 plus shipping! 

Here's one of my personal faves!  We have one similar to this weather station, and we don't know what we did before we got one.  Maybe it's our wildly fluctuating weather lately (-2 high one day and 50 a couple days later) that makes this necessary, but we LOVE our weather station!
La Crosse Technology - WS-9611TWC-IT-TBP - Wireless Silver Sun & Moon Forecast Station & Atomic Clock with Oscar Outlook
Only $39.99 with FREE shipping

Did I mention they have tools?  My husband was SO excited to find out about this!  You could get this 36 piece rotary tool set for only $24.99 plus shipping!
GREAT NECK - 80134 - 36 Piece Rotary Tool Set  80134 can see that they have SO many different items in tons of categories!  Now on to the giveaway so that you can enter to win a $45 gift card you can use to buy something from CSN!

1.  Check out the Eames Lounge Chair and tell me the first word (or phrase) that pops in your mind when you see it!

EXTRA ENTRIES (these entries are only valid if the mandatory entry has been completed):

2. Follow Ten Talents via GFC in the right sidebar (1 entry)
3. Like Ten Talents on Facebook (2 entries) {can also click "like" in the right sidebar}
3. Subscribe to Ten Talents via email in the right sidebar (3 entries).

That gives you four ways to enter and a total of 7 entries possible!  

Contest open to residents of the USA and Canada, though international fees will apply for Canadian residents.  This contest will run from February 7th to February 17th @ noon EST.  Comments will be closed after this time, and one winner will be chosen from all the entries using  I will contact the winner via email, and he or she will have 48 hours to respond and accept the prize or I will choose another winner.  

Note:  Winner will receive a $45 gift certificate, but this does not include shipping.  Check out the tons of items that CSN stores offer free shipping on to make your gift certificate go further!

Disclosure: CSN Stores is offering this promotion, but the opinions in this post are solely my opinions. CSN Stores has not provided me with any product, but instead the chance for one of my readers to win (1) one $45 gift certificate. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. 

$10 Deal Pulp Credit for only $1

The Deal Pulp Deal of the Day for today is a $10 credit to their site for only $1.  I checked out their recent deals and most were under $10, so this seems like a fantastic deal!  They recently had a $10 Target e-gift card for only $7, and they had some other good deals too!

Go HERE and check out the Deal of the Day if you're interested.  They also offer a $5 credit for every person you refer who buys a deal too, so this is a good site to share about too!

Thanks, Hip2Save!
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