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Disney Movie Rewards Points (I got 150 points in 5 minutes!)

Just wanted to share that there is at least one new survey available for you to take to get Disney Movie Rewards points!  These surveys are SUPER easy...I think I spent about five minutes total for 2 surveys, and I got 150 reward points for that.

To see if you have any surveys available, log into your Disney Movie Rewards account (or sign up for one if you don't have one).  Then click on "My DMR" and then "Surveys".  It will show you any surveys you have available and how many points each is worth.  I have been saving up my points for a LONG TIME, and I'm excited to get something fun soon!
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ShesAnAngel said...

Thanks, I never knew about those before, duh!

Romantic Dinner said...

Yeah fantastic Disney Rewards i like that .

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