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Mamapedia - Possible $25 gc for $20 (can use credits!)

I haven't posted in FOREVER, but I just saw this deal and wanted to let you know in case you have any Mamapedia credits!

Mamapedia currently has a Daily Deal for Zearly.  This company sends you postage-paid bags that you fill with your childrens' gently used clothing and trade in for points.  The part that makes this deal so great is that you can use these points to buy gift cards as well as more kids clothes. would pay $20 for $62.50 worth of points on Zearly (that should work out to 250 points), and then you can use those points to get a gift card to Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more! 

Now, I don't know for sure that Zearly isn't going to say that you actually can't use those points from Mamapedia for the gift cards, so I would use caution when buying this.  I bought it only because I had a $20 credit with Mamapedia, and I'm willing to take that chance.  They are presently out of most of their gift cards, but the voucher doesn't expire until November 14, 2011, so I'm guessing they will get in more by that time.

Again, use caution when buying this.  If you have credits, it could be a great deal if it works, but if you spend the $20 and it doesn't work, well...that would just be a great waste of money :) You could also actually plan on sending them some of your kids' clothes for points.  I always end up giving a fair amount away after my daughter grows out of them, so I think I'll try this to see if it's worth it.

Go HERE to purchase this deal with Mamapedia!

Thanks, My DFW Mommy!
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