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The LAST Low Entry Lowdown....

...from China! We are leaving early in the morning, so I probably won't be able to post the Low Entry Lowdown for the next 1-2 days.  If I happen to find some WiFi on the journey home, I'll try to create a quick post with any giveaways I might find, but I suspect that this will be difficult.  So, check back in the next few days, and I'll try to have this back up again as soon as we get back to America and get settled in!  We appreciate all of your prayers!    Blessings, Steph

 **If you're new, you can learn more about The Low Entry Lowdown HERE.**

If you'd like me to list your giveaway on the Low Entry Lowdown, please email me the LINK AND THE DATE your giveaway ends!    

If YOU'VE  won something from clicking on a Low Entry Lowdown giveaway, please leave me a comment and let me know!  It will make my day :)

New Entries
Full Set of Conserve Cleaners (3 winners) -- ends 6/24
Zubbles Colored Bubbles -- ends 6/24
Uncommonly Cute Tee or Onesie -- ends 6/25
Pear Tree Greetings address labels (5 winners!) -- ends 6/25
Skoy Cloths 8 pack -- ends 6/25
$15 gc to EcoMom -- ends 6/27
Everyday Minerals Blush -- ends 6/28
Febreze Product Gift Pack -- ends 6/29 (1st giveaway--please help her out!)
$40 CSN gc -- ends 6/30
Evolve Roadrunner Showerhead -- ends 6/30
$100 Grocery Gift Card -- ends 6/30

Previous Entries
Pawparazzi -- ENDS TODAY
Charm Factory bracelet -- ends 6/21
Gourmet Gift Basket -- ends 6/21
Mabel's Labels -- ends 6/22
O!Yikes Onesie & Accessory -- ends 6/22
Carolina Pad -- ends 6/23
Simple Green Naturals Set -- ends 6/23
Ecco Bella face mask ($25 value) --ends 6/23
Picky Sticky Decals -- ends 6/23
$15 Target gc -- ends 6/25 @ NOON
Stella & Dot Ring -- ends 6/25
Young Living Essential Oils Valor Blend -- ends 6/25
$30 Kroger Gift Card -- ends 6/25
Random Line Game -- ends 6/25
$40 CSN Stores gc -- ends 6/29
L'Bri Pure & Natural Skin Care -- ends 6/30
Episencial Sunny Sunscreen -- ends 6/30
Lucky Hanks Natural Laundry Soap -- ends 7/2
$60 CSN gc -- ends 6/21
Good Earth Meal Kit -- ends 6/21 @ 1 pm EST
Rockin' Green Laundry Soap - ends 6/23
$25 Walmart Gift Card -- ends 6/24
Boon Benders Adaptable Utensils -- ends 6/24
Boogie Wipes -- ends 6/25
Returning Injury (book) -- ends 6/25
Eco-Friendly Lunchbox -- ends 6/25
Diamond Shark pearl earrings -- 6/26
Sticky Words Wall Art -- ends 7/1
Cream Perfume Company -- ends 7/2
$20 gc to EcoMom --ends 7/2
$25 gc to Tatouage -- ends 7/16
“Diaper Dudes” Dad Diaper Bag, $70 value -- ENDS TODAY
Thirsties Diaper -- ENDS TODAY (I think!)
Maris Half Apron -- ends 6/22
500 Business cards -- ends 6/23
Alexa's Angels Necklace ($50 value) -- ends 6/23
$20 Silly Mama quilts gift certificate -- ends 6/24
$25 gc to Daisy Bags -- ends 6/25
Easy Lunchbox -- ends 6/26
Reversible Pink Floral Half Hostess Apron w/ Ruffle -- ends 6/28
Guidecraft Noah's Arc Table & Chairs -- ends 6/29
Milton Road Personalized Daily Portrait -- ends 6/30
Honey Pie Accessories Bib Clip -- ENDS TODAY
$100 gift card for Perrytech Montessori -- ENDS TODAY
Custom Blog Buttons (5 winners!) -- ends 6/21
$300 Itty-Bitty Bookworm Curriculum -- ends 6/21
$200 LaLOOP giveaway -- ends 6/21
Put on Your Crown Audiobook -- ends 6/21
$25 Lucky Horseshoe Gift Certificate -- ends 6/29
Baby Legs for Boys -- ends 6/30 (1st giveaway -- plz help her out!)
Baby Legs for Girls -- ends 6/30 (1st giveaway -- plz help her out!)
Coffee or Brownies? -- ENDS TODAY (1st giveaway--help her out please! We even get a choice!)
$40 CSN gift certificate -- ends 6/21
Touch'd Organic Moisture Mist -- ends 6/25
$50 Target Gift card -- ends 6/27
Beads on Strings -- ends 6/27
God's Design for Women -- ends 6/28
Coverall Giveaway -- ENDS TODAY (1st giveaway--please help her out! Such a great idea too!)
Mario Bros. Folder Set -- ENDS TODAY
MoBoleez Nursing Bonnet -- ENDS TODAY
Boogie Wipes -- ENDS TODAY
Easy Lunchbox System -- ends 6/21
Smart Mom Teething Bling -- ends 6/21 
Boogie Wipes -- ends 6/23 (her 2nd giveaway; plz help her out!)
Angie's Kettle Corn -- ends 6/26 (10 winners!)
$25 gc to -- ENDS TODAY
$50 Target gc -- ENDS TODAY
$40 CSN gift certificate -- ends 6/21
Live Long, Finish Strong -- ends 6/21
Lawry's BBQ set -- ends 6/21
Moody Mama Maternity -- ENDS TODAY
Orglamix Mineral Makeup -- ends 7/1
Vistaprint Invitations -- ENDS TODAY
Easy Lunchboxes -- ends 6/21
Gorton's Seafood -- ends 6/23
Tex Mex Gourmet Gift Basket -- ENDS TODAY
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Bree said...

Safe travels! I am sure it'll be wonderful to return home!
I did win from a twitter party that you had displayed and I would not have known about otherwise!!!!

♥Cari♥ said...

fyi: The Febreze giveaway isn't linked.

Blommi said...

Have a safe trip :)

Flufferwuffer said...

Oh my Gosh! When I read "LAST Low Entry Lowdown" I almost flipped! I love that you make these lists; they're absolutely awesome! Oh, and I guess I'll add that I won a TJMaxx bag and book from the Low Entry Lowdown. Do you want the link?

Cheap Geeks Anonymous

P.S. Thank you SO much for taking the time to make these!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding my giveaways!

And safe travels!

Aholic said...

I won the Baby Goes Pro DVD & Jiffy Lube gift card! Thanks for posting them! :)

mommyhastowork said...

thanks for following - following back!

Brianne said...

Thanks for adding my giveaway!! I have got a few new entries from your site today!! I love that you are sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the list!

how was your trip home?!? we did an ohio-hong kong trip, and let's say we're not going to do that any time soon! =)
welcome back!

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