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Just for the JOY of it! Another Thursday Meme!

Good, True & Beautiful

Wow!  Found some extra time today, and I am all about the memes :)  I know there are a million other things I should be doing, but....

One thing that has brought me joy this week is the fact that our little lady is really starting to walk!  It's so cute to watch her stand up on her own and choose to take her tiny, wobbly steps instead of staying safe and crawling.  It really brings a smile to my heart each time I see it :)  In some respects, I think it's a miracle that some of us (the ones who like to play it safe --me me!) ever learned to walk at all...

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tsue said...

What a cutie!

Following you from Twitter Hop Thursday. Already following you on twitter so following you on GFC now as well.

Love your low entry linky! Thanks for featuring some of my giveaways!


Charlene said...

Oh, how sweet! My "baby" is 22 and a senior in college, but those days live forever!

Bree said...

So adorable! My son enjoys being carried- my hip not so much- I wish he'd follow her lead :)-

Hope @ It's a Vivas Thing! said...

Thanks for reminding me of when mine first walked! Seems so long ago!

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