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**UPDATE** Medco Health $10 off $10 plus $.99 shipping = GREAT DEAL

**UPDATE -- I received my shipment confirmation today!  Yay!  Check out the code section below for a new code!

Wow!  I got in on this late, so I don't know if these codes will still work for you or not, but I just had to tell you anyway...just in case!

Medco Health is offering a $10 off of $10 purchase code and $.99 shipping, so you can get a GREAT deal!  You can search for any products you want that add up to $10, then you'll only end up paying for shipping and whatever goes over the $10 amount.  Here's what I did (many thanks to My Frugal Adventures for this idea scenario and the codes!):

1 Aveeno Sunblock Spray (50 SPF) for $8.49
1 Gerber Biter Biscuits for  $2.09

I ended up paying only $1.57 after coupon code and shipping!  Great deal since I would pay more than that for a box of biter biscuits for the Shark!

Go HERE to try this out!  
Here are the codes you can try out if you want to see if this deal works for you:
New code-- DR10 (Thanks, Swaggrabber!)

Thanks also to Hip2Save, which is where I first saw the info on this deal!
** Do remember that they can choose to cancel these codes at any time, so you might not want to spend too much time looking around before checking to see if they still work.  And, they could always decide to cancel these orders even after you place them.  So, you have to decide if this is worth your time or not!  Collin at Hip2Save did mention that you have to put in your credit card info first before entering the codes.  However, you won't be charged until you complete the order anyway.
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Flufferwuffer said...

I did this last night; got some of my daily vitamins and then bought Axe body wash for my boyfriend since he always complains that I never buy it for him because it's never cheap enough for me. :P

I used the code MHS10 and it worked fine! All I paid was shipping. But when I tried using TENOFF it didn't work, so that one may not be active.

Mama Hen said...

Happy birthday to your little one!! I really do wonder where all the time goes. Hold on to those moments! Have a great weekend! Thank you for stopping by Mama's Little Chick. I hope to see you around!

Mama Hen

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