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Pigtail Pals: It is Time to Redefine Girly!

In addition to winning a pretty cool prize last night at the #Annietoon Twitter party, I also chatted with the owner of a fantastic line of girls clothing, Pigtail Pals.  These shirts are seriously cute!  Pigtail Pals is about letting girls dream of being whatever they want to be!  Though it was super hard to choose, here are a couple of my favorite tees:

My husband is a carpenter, so I really want to get the "I broke a nail" one for my lady.  When I told her how much I liked her shirts, Melissa was kind enough to offer me a 15% discount with the code "launch".  She even said I could share it with you in case you have a special lady who needs one of these too:)  Pigtail Pal tees would also make great gifts because they are so unique! You can check out all of their 12 tee designs and learn more about Pigtail Pals by visiting their site HERE or their Facebook page HERE.

So, there you have it...Twitter parties are not just all about winning prizes!  You can also learn about some great new products and meet some pretty great people too!   Wanna get involved?  Check out my TWITTER PARTY CALENDAR at the top right above my Talented GFC followers.   If you've got any questions, just send them my way!
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Joy Tamsin David said...

Hi I'm following you back from ifellowship.

I wish I knew about the low entry lowdown last week! Wow, I'll definitely keep it in mind.


Ruth Clark said...

I totally love these shirts! Anything that empowers girls is great, as they get older it gets even harder.

I totally cracked up to hear about your daughter and my twitter photo. My little one now does that with photos of her sister(s). I was surprised to see home much they really do look a like.

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