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FREE Father's Day Greeting Card on June 9th!

Hooray!  On June 9th, Tiny Prints will be giving away a FREE Father's Day greeting card!  No word yet on how much you'll pay for shipping, but this is sure to be a great deal! 

I LOVE Tiny Prints.  Not only do they have really funny greeting cards, but there are so many different ways to personalize their cards.  You can take a verse from one card and pair it with a design from another, as well as add your own photos.  You can also set up reminders on their site, so you can make your cards today and then have them sent on the right date!  No more forgetting!  They've also got a pretty sweet app that lets you choose a few designs and compare them so you get the card/s you REALLY want.  I like to think of Tiny Prints as the Apple company of the greeting card world :)

Go HERE on June 9th for your FREE won't be disappointed! 

P.S. -- They also hold GREAT Twitter parties!  Check out my calendar in the future in case they have another! 
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