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iFellowship #3

Seeds Of Faith For The Christian Mom

Hi ladies!  Wow...this week's iFellowship took me by surprise!  We were gone most of last week, and I haven't gotten back in the groove yet :)  I thought I'd share a praise song from China this different from what we sing back home.  The words don't sound beautiful together, but the meaning is so deep and honest.  I wonder if I would have been so surprised by these last few years of my life if we did sing more songs like this....

Life's Mission

Leaving my warm and comfortable home
Walking out and spreading the Good News
It’s not for me, but to save souls
Leaving my relatives, walking out and giving up myself
Giving up my enjoyment to spread the Good News to all the world
Walking in a foreign land
Following another country’s customs
Drinking another country’s water. Tears dropping in another country
Even though it’s difficult and lonely
But I know He is always with you.  He is going to bless you.

Many blessings,



Menopausal New Mom said...

Thanks for finding me, following you back and just entered your blog hop!

Susan said...

"Tears dropping in another country." That's a powerful remark to be able to make about your life... your walk. So glad you joined us today at iFellowship!

Sue said...

Beautiful song Stephanie. What a blessing!

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