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Swagbucks Update! Swag to School Bucks = Possible 50 SB Bonus!

Swagbucks just introduced five new "Swag to School" Swag Bucks!  If you collect all 5 bucks via searching by Friday *8/13*, you'll get a 50 buck bonus!  I just won the 14 buck bill as soon as I found out!  Only 4 more to go!  Also, Thursday is going to be quite the busy day with 5 Swag codes, so don't miss out! 

If you aren't signed up with Swagbucks, you can learn more HERE!  I explain why Swagbucks isn't just for high traffic blogs.   I HIGHLY recommend Swagbucks.  We are now the happy owners of a Wii mostly due to cashed in bucks for Amazon gift cards!!!  You can also skip the explanation, if you wish, and just sign up HERE!

Thanks, Savings & Stewardship!
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Shairbearg said...

I just do cash into my paypal account, and only recently started! I have $10 so far.

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