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FREE Mrs.Fields Cookies for Email Referrals!

Okay, this is awesome!  Right now Mrs. Fields is running a promo where they will ship free cookies to your door for at least 3 email referrals that you send their way (the friends you refer do have to sign up to receive their emails).  If you'd like me to send you a referral, please comment here and I will email you...and you can also send emails to your friends so you can get free cookies too! 

Woohoo for free cookies!  And peace of mind that they won't sell your email here -- We’re running an incredible promotion right now that I hope you’ll take advantage. If you refer three of your friends to our email list (and they accept the invitation), you get a tin full of cookies sent right to your door for FREE! Amazing, huh? And that’s just the beginning—the more people you refer, the bigger the prize.
Just for the record and your  peace of mind, we never sell our email list to anybody, so an email from Mrs. Fields Gifts will not result in seventeen thousand emails from random companies you’ve never heard about. We send out periodic emails about our current sales or promotions–that’s all. And of course, your friends that get referred can also get free cookies by referring their friends, too!

Thanks, Mommy's "Free" Time!
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Anita said...

send me link!

paulasue said...

Please send me a referral, everyone needs free cookies! :) Paula Caudill

allthingsnew said...


How do I contact you? Couldn't view your blogger profile :(

Cindi S World said...

Totally include me, I am right under you in the this for that, lol, itscindisworld at yahoo dot com

Jennifer said...

You can send me a referral - family musings at gmail dot com. :)

Robyn said...

send me a one please :)

Cindy said...

I'll send you my email, you send me yours :)
clemay62 at rocketmail dot com

Tammylyne said...

You can add me!

Deb K said...

You can add me to please :-)


Beeb said...

I'd love to be referred! Thank you! :)

Email: supercoupongirl AT

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