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"This for That" MckLinky - GET HELP BY HELPING!

As bloggers, we all find ourselves in need of a little help every once in a while. Or, if we're really busy, maybe more often than that :)  What I'd like to try to do is have a place for us to help each other.  I love the groups on Pitch It to Me, Mom Bloggers Club, etc. where you can comment on each others reviews, enter each others' giveaways, etc.  I am not suggesting that this MckLinky replace those things...I will still use them!  The problem is that I often get lost in the stream of messages and don't know who has commented on or entered mine and whose I'm supposed to be commenting on or entering and so on...

In an effort to make this process a little bit easier, I'd like to try out "This for That"...a place where you can ask someone to comment on a review, enter a giveaway, RT for you, vote for you, etc.  The point is that you ask someone to do something for you, and you do something to help that person out too! You don't necessarily have to do the same thing for someone else that you're asking them to do for you.  For example, you might want someone to vote for you, but they might ask you to RT for them in return.

So that you don't have to keep coming back to the linky over and over again, let's try it this way this today (Friday) and see how it goes...

Post your "need" in the MckLinky by writing about what you need and linking to where others can fulfill that need.  Meet the need of the 3 ppl above your link, AND THEN YOU ARE DONE! If you want more than 3 ppl to help you out, then wait a bit, come back later and enter your need again (just make sure you AGAIN help out the 3 ppl above you).  The idea is that you help out 3 ppl and 3 ppl help you out...AND you don't have to wonder if you left someone hanging because your job is done as soon as you help out the three ppl above you!  You can link up as many times as you want! 

Now, the 1st three ppl each day get a bonus because there are aren't three ppl above them (though plz try to do as many as are above you).  The LAST 3 ppl each day will become the first three ppl the next day--I'll reenter their entries when I post the next day's list. 

So here's an example (without links)

1. Please vote for my picture! {would link to place to vote}
2. Please RT  "I'm trying 2 win a $25 gc to Safeway w/ Ten Talents and MyBlogSpark.  I'll save so much it will be like I won a $100 gc!" {no need to link RTs...just make sure you provide what you want them to RT}
3. My review needs some more comments!  {would link to review that needs comments}
4. Low entries on my giveaway....please enter! {would link to giveaway}

Now, person #2 would do #1, person #3 would do #1 & #2, person #4 would do #3, #2, & #1, and so on.  If you CANNOT do what someone asks for some reason, please do what you can and email me and I will do what you can't...providing I can :)

So...let's give this a try!  I would REALLY APPRECIATE you guys helping me get the word out about this so we can help each other out!


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Lilac City Momma said...

Such a great idea! Thanks for the link up!

Jenny @ Freebie Spot said...

What an awesome idea!!

RT'd this on twitter for ya

Tammylyne said...

Awesome idea. I linked my jewelry giveaway up and did the 3 requests above me :)

Jenny @ Freebie Spot said...

I was already following bunches of bargains on GFC and twitter so I followed on networked blogs instead. :)

Jenny @ Freebie Spot said...

Oh and PS.. I participated in almost all of the links on this list. :)

Mgmommy0930 said...

awww! its closed now! let me know when it opens again! xoxo

Heather Johnson said...

Oh man, I made this a favorite on Twitter so I could come back and participate and now it is closed. Will you let me know when you do it again? It is one of the best ideas I have seen lately.

Emma said...

Homesense contest:

I am on Page 1- most voted. Please help out, vote for me daily "MY SPACE - Benitozk".

MUST click on GREEN button under my pic to count. Thanks!

Nickie said...

Are you going to do this again? I think it's a fabulous idea and would love to get in on it!

Nickie said...

haha... nevermind my last comment! I just found the most recent one!! YAYYYY!

Bibi said...

Can someone advise where to post my request for help?

DIANNA P. said...

Please vote DAILY!!! OUR contest ends 9/30/2011
FIRST "like" this page:
Next click VOTE button to right of my sons picture here:
Thanks for your support!!

kenny mikey said...

My wife and I are crazy in love and this is a "Greatest Love Story" contest. We think we should be shoo ins as winners, but some people have had 6 months to get votes and we've only had 1!
Please vote for us daily until Sept. 14th. They ask for your email, but they DON'T SEND YOU ANYTHING unless you click the "Send me stuff" button!


Anonymous said...

My dog, Casey, is a finalist in my vets (Animal Hospital of Marion, Inc), Pet Photo Contest. I need "like" votes for her to win. We have been in the lead for 5 days & are falling behind some. She is pet #2 out of 19 finalist. She is a Jack Russell Terrier w/ a muddy ring around her nose & a muddy bone at her feet.

To vote, just click on her FB contest picture, then "like" her picture from there. That is it. One vote (like) per person, voting ends Sunday Sept 18th at 12 noon. Thanks for your help, I really want her to win, we've been working all day/all night.

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Pla vote for YOUNG LUST- THE EDGE on this facebook link:

Im doing the three above me

Brian M. said...

Hi All!

My husband and I are expecting our first child in December!

We are in a contest to win a living room makeover. Can you take 5 min to help us out?

Here are the steps!

1. Go here. HTTP://

2. To vote, click on the tab marked “Contest Voting” on the Facebook page (its on the left side). There will be a prompt for you to “like” the page. Once you do, you will see all of the entries.

3. Look for Brian M. from Clarendon Hills and click the “vote” box. You will need to enter an email address.

4. This email address will then receive a confirmation email and you will have to follow a link in that email for the vote to be counted.

Thanks a ton!! With the baby coming this would be pretty awesome! The more help I can get the better! Please please share with your friends!!

Anonymous said...

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Kids in the Know is an interactive personal safety program developed by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. This program covers many safety issues including, internet, home and street safety and has been developed for teachers to deliver to children at every grade level from Kindergarten to Grade 9.

Her ultimate goal is to have every school in B.C. and throughout Canada using the Kids in the Know program.

Jo-Anne hopes to accomplish this goal through the Aviva Community Fund competition. On behalf of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, we encourage you and your peers to vote every day for her initiative (idea #11490) by visiting:

For more information on Kids in the Know visit


The last three posts are no longer open for me to vote!! What do I do?

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