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The $25 Safeway Gift Card Winner is...

Thank you so much to My Blogspark for allowing me to host this giveaway!  I love Safeway, so being able to share this gift card with my readers was exciting to me!  And thank you SO much to all of you who entered.  I appreciate it and am looking forward to the day when I find a giveaway that everyone can win :) A girl can dream!

There were 396 entries, and out of those entries the winner of the gift card is...


Now, just to see if anyone bothers reading after they see who won :) , I will give 5 extra entries in the $40 CSN gc giveaway to the first person who can comment and tell me what date and time Denise made this entry.  Of course, you must have completed (or you must complete) the mandatory CSN gc entry before you are eligible for these bonus entries!  

Thank you again :)

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Amy and Luke said...

well no one has commented yet, and I did finish reading your post, but i can't for the life of me figure out how to find out when she posted. the safeway giveaway link won't work anymore:( I need to be more computer savvy dammit.

Amy and Luke said...

8/14 845am

Amy and Luke said...

grr...I tried that the 1st time and I couldn't figure it out....long week...sigh

8/14 845am

Anonymous said...

She posted it on August 14, 8:45 am!

lisad33611 said...

I couldn't find your giveaway post! :( But it looks like I wouldn't have been the first to answer anyway. Just wanted to let you know folks do read your entire posts!

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