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PROMOTION CANCELED :( FREE Box of Smucker's Uncrustables...if you're fast enough :)

Starting today at 12 PM EST, Smuckers will give a FREE box of their Uncrustables Sandwiches to the first 500 people to submit an organizational tip or solution HERE!  They will also send a FREE box to the 1st 400 to submit a tip for the next 30 days, ending by September 15th. 

My advice if you want one is to sit by your computer around that time and already have your tip typed out elsewhere, copied and pasted.  When they open the form, paste your tip and submit as fast as you can! 

The start times for the next 30 days will be listed at 12 PM EST also and can be found at the Smuckers Uncrustables site.  Only one coupon per person/per address/per household.

Thanks, Bargain Mom!
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Beth said...

I read on another blog that they canceled this because too many people found out about it and they didn't want their servers crashing.

ShesAnAngel said...

Lame, what did they expect would happen? People always freak about these things!

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