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Who's the Genius? Me! Me!

Okay, well, in my attempt to follow the amazing tutorial by Flufferwuffer @ Cheap Geeks Anonymous on how to resize all the buttons in your blogroll, I have somehow managed to delete most of the buttons on my blogroll.  So... I am going to just start over.  If you notice that I'm missing your button in the next few days, please email me and I'll get it back up there. 

You should seriously check out Cheap Geeks Anonymous.  She does all these great HTML tutorials.  She makes them really easy to understand, so unless you're a genius like me, you should be able to do some new, cool stuff with your blog!  Do not be frightened off by my recent'd be amazed at what I manage to mess up when I play with html :) 
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Shairbearg said...

bah! I am a visual learner so reading it on a blog doesn't always help me to understand! and I think you are a genius, you have come up with my 2 fav linkies the ones I check all the time! You may just not be as blog savvy as you would like that's all.

Crafty Mom said...

i love that genius graphic! :)
a good rule of thumb for resizing images is not to do both width & height. bcuz you have to "maintain the ration" yourself, which can easily mess you up! it's easy if the button is sqaure (changing 150x150 to 100x100, etc) but...243x165 is a chore.

solution? just pick one or the other. i usually go with width="___". then it adjusts the height and AUTOMATICALLY keeping the ratio the same!!!!! :) the worst thing is a stretched image!!! i'm trying to add more blog basics, html tips, etc to my blog. but...for anyone that just doesn't want to bother messing with it. i also offer a half hour of expert tweaking. just for things like this. :)

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