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How'd it go today? (This for That)

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to check in and see how This for That went today.  Did everyone get their requests met?  I know that sometimes ppl just link up without reading what the linky is about, so please email me if your needs weren't met and I will contact the people in line behind you. 

Thanks so much for posting about this today and for linking up!  Hope this continues to be helpful :)

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Navy_Frugalista said...

I think it was good I fained a few followers for the requested social media outlets I requested and I followed all those back that followed me. SO it worked perfectly for me!!

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

My needs were met great! Thanks again for doing this. I followed the people/entered giveaways but there was one ahead of me about an Alexa review or something and I did not know how to do that one so I chose another one above that. Hope that is okay since I still helped three..

lisad33611 said...

Worked great for me too!

Milena said...

everything went great for me- Thank You!

QueenB said...

amanda, i think that was me.. i didnt get anyone who did mine :o(

alexa reviews help all of our stats within alexa- its really quite simple, if you have your site registered with alexa its about 30 seconds to get a review done for someone!!

i'm still doing this for that i just keep having bad luck :o)

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