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Retweet & Like Options for Every Post!

Yesterday, This Mama Rocks posted a tutorial HERE  on how to add the Retweet and Like options to each of your posts for Twitter and Facebook.  It's super easy if you follow her directions!  She has GREAT tutorials on how to make your blog better, so I encourage you to check her out! 

This also means that you can now easily tweet and share about the Low Entry Lowdown, especially if you have a giveaway on there.  Just click the tiny green "tweet" box if you want to share on Twitter or "Like This Post" if you want to share on Facebook!  This should make it easier for us to get the word out so we can help each other get more entries for our giveaways! 

Happy Friday and Blessings,
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This Mama Rocks said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! :)

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