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Reader Opinions Needed! LEL MckLinky -- yes or no?

Just wanted to see if I can get a few opinions on whether or not you want me to include a MckLinky at the bottom of every LEL or not. Let me know what you're thinking, please!

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Shairbearg said...

I like it better with out personally :) But whatever is easier on you, works foe me! I tend to just send them to you anyways though!

cookiesANDclogs said...

It's probably takes the load off you. I do prefer without, unless it is an on-going linky - to tough to link up every day.

lisad33611 said...

I say do whatever is easier on you. I do prefer it without the linky. I know it's a lot of work to put together the LEL everyday, but I really love it. :)

lisad33611 said...

Ok, I get it now. hehe. Yes, the MckLinky would be good for those of us who are forgetful or don't get free time to email until 1:00 am, in which you wouldn't get it in time to post it.

cookiesANDclogs said...

I see. I'm just afraid that your LEL will get too big and some might double up (you can't monitor it as well). Maybe you could ask the linky is only for giveaways ending THAT day or next. Well, doesn't bother me unless it get too long and it doesn't hurt to try it for a week or so. Hope my two cents helps a bit with your decision :)

Denise said...

I like Cookies ANDclogs idea about the McLinky being for just those that are ending within the next 48 hours say but only if they aren't already included in there.

I also think that maybe if the LEL was organized by end date it might make it a little easier too. That way you also wouldn't have to go thru every day and change the end dates to say ENDS TODAY like you do. They would already be in that section. And then those would bubble up to the top rather than being all mixed in.

Of course, I think what you do is an amazing task as it is so I wouldn't want to create any more work for you but I think that organizing by date might actually help you.

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