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FREE Subscription to People -- 1st 500

I think it's pretty hard to be one of the first 500, but I'm letting you know just in case you want to try!

Go HERE to sign up for a FREE subscription to People Magazine!
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Kim said...

Be careful on this one. I just tried it and my security online kicked it out.

allthingsnew said...

Thanks for letting us know, Kim! I've signed up with this company before, but I am never one of the 1st 500...just shared it in case anyone really wanted to try :) I appreciate you alerting us!

Kim said...

I know I've used them alot too. I just did it now and it worked just fine. Who knows what happened before. Sorry about that.

Kelly's Avenue said...

I just got it.......and didnt get kicked out

Thanks for posting

Miranda Ward said...

Hi im from FMBT
Please follow me back if you havn't already.


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