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1st Blog Interview -- Pepper of Pepper Scraps!!!

Pepper Scraps

Hooray for Ten Talents' 1st blog interview!  A long, long time ago, Pepper made the wonderful Ten Talents button that you can find on my right sidebar!  I had no ideas of my own, so she had to be creative AND talented to create it for me!

I asked her to do an interview, and I am so behind that I am just now getting this up on the site.  I am a bit ashamed :(   Thank you so much, Pepper, for this great interview!  She is a great designer, so visit her site, Uniquehorn Designs, if you're interested in a new design, button, etc. for your site! 

First name:

Tell me a little about your family:
I'm a mom of two toddlers. Zane is 3 years old and a little star. He is outgoing, bright and full of energy. Zarek is 1 (18 months to be exact) and he is my little sunshine. He is always full of love and smiles and always happy.

Blog name:
I have a website for my design business and I blog on a personal blog at

When did you start blogging:
I started journaling on in 1997 or 1998. Blogger was even founded yet and the word blog didn't even exist yet.

How did your blog name come to be:
When I started my blog was called a love unforgotten, I was just in college and struggling through a relationship and it was my place to vent. I then moved my blog to a friends website and called it Unicornbeauty. I went by Unicornbeauty online for years, so it was fitting my blog was named for my online persona. 

Unicornbeauty came about originally because I wanted to have an email UnicornLove. I was fascinated by the fact that in medieval times unicorns were a symbol of Christ, if you have ever seen the unicorn tapestries you can see the story of Jesus in that story. I wanted a name that was symbolic of Jesus' love, but it was not available. So I tried Unicornbeauty and that was available.

When I bought my own domain the only unicorn domain available was Uniquehorn, so I grabbed it up. And I started a small design site on there called Uniquehorn Designs. 

When I had my first son I decided to retire my Unicornbeauty persona and start going by my real name. Since most people went by there first name I figured I would have less problems explaining that Pepper was my real name not an online name. I originally was thinking of making my blog more about my scrapbooking, but then I realized I wanted to share more about my life. I came up with the blog name Pepper Scraps as this blog is all kinds of scraps from my life, including scrapbooking, my boys, my life, my new online business and more.

What inspired you to start:
I was introduced to blogging so long ago that the main reason I started was I was fascinated with the idea of keeping a journal online. My friends were doing it and I loved reading pieces of their lives. But I also wanted a release in my life as the first year of college was very hard for me and blogging gave me kind of a release.

What makes your blog stand out from others:
I don't really strive to stand out with my blog. My main goal is to write about everyday life, about things that inspire me and that I enjoy. My blog is really a place for my boys, when they are older, to see who I was, what I was like, see the things I did with them.

What is your job/occupation:
I am currently building a business in graphic and web design. 

What is your favorite thing about your job/occupation:
I love helping others with their websites, making them something special, making it so they love how their site looks. I want to help moms with blogging businesses be proud at how professional there blog looks and feels!

Something special about you:
I'm just an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life.

Most interesting place you've ever been on a trip and why:
I really haven't been anywhere super interesting. I did just get back from a trip to Utah for the EVO conference ( Which that was my first trip flying somewhere by myself and staying by myself. I was a little nervous at first but I had some great friends with me and that really helped.

3 of your favorite websites: (please include links, if possible) - A great resource for you to learn about blogging, just amazing!! - A new site all about Vlogging, You have to check out Jendi's live show on MomTV - One of my favorite personal blogs that I always go back to read!

 3 favorite things to do online:
Facebook - I'm addicted to Treasure Isle right now, but I also love being able to connect with my friends so easily
Twitter - I love twitter and I love HootSuite, because without Hootsuite Twitter would be really hard to keep up with. You have to follow me so I can follow you! @Unicornbeauty
Blog  - And now I'm really getting into vlogging. I am hoping this summer to switch out my layout and make my site more of a vlog than a blog.

Have you ever won anything online? If so, what was it? If more than one thing, what was your fave?
I had this great streak for a while every Twitter party I went to I won something. Now I only got one of the prizes :( but it was still neat to win something. My current favorite prize I won online though was my tickets to EVO. I had a friend offer me to share a room so I had a room, but I could just afford the airfare and not the tickets. I entered lots of contests, but I thought I hadn't won any of the tickets, then I found out I won in a contest I had forgotten I had entered!! It was very exciting!

Can you tell us a funny story about your children:
The funniest thing right now is that my youngest son, Zarek, is starting to catch up in size to my oldest, Zane. As often as we warned Zane that his brother was going to outweigh him soon and too be nice to him he didn't pay attention. The other day Zane just kept hitting Zarek in the head with a toy truck. Zane was resting on the couch and Zarek came running up and just thwacked Zane in the head with a toy truck. It was so hard not to laugh at the irony of it. Zane had just taught his little brother a new trick! LOL

If there were a $100 prize for doing this interview (I wish!), what would you do with it?
I would probably save it to be able to get myself a video camera for videoing my vlogs. When I thought I hadn't won tickets to the evo conference I almost spent my money on getting a Sony Bloggie or the kodak Zi8. So if I won $100 I would be buying one of those!

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