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$1 Tarts & Votives @ Yankee Candle AND a Potential Secret :)

I got an email yesterday that Yankee Candle is running their $1 Tarts & Votives sale (with coupon)!  I love this sale because I figured out that if you buy during this sale, you get more burn time for less money than if you buy their biggest, longest-burning candle. get variety, which is nice :)

Here's the math, in case you're curious :)

1 Large Jar Candle -- burns 110-150 hours = $24.99
25 Votives -- each burns up to 15 hours (let's go with 10 to be safe!) = $25 w/ coupon during sale
10 hours per votive x 25 = 250 hours of burn time to possible 375 (if you get the full 15 hours out of them)


I do want to mention that to get the maximum burn time, it's a good idea to have the right votive, trim the wick, etc.  I found this great website --Keystone Candle-- that gives you lots of information about how to maximize candle burn times.  Pay particular attention to the votive candle section, which is where you learn that a lot of the fancy votive holders you buy actually decrease the burn time of the votive!

AND....if you aren't in a hurry to buy and you don't really mind which scents you get, I'd wait until they do one of their $1 Tarts & Votive sales WITHOUT the coupon because then you can use a $10 off a $25 purchase coupon and SAVE EVEN MORE!  They'll be doing one probably during Labor Day and during their two Semi-Annual sales, but they don't have all of the scents at $1, which is why this sale with the coupon is good too in case you have a favorite that you'd like to get. If you decide to wait for this sale, just Google "Yankee Candle $10 off $25 coupon" when you want to go, and you should be able to find one!

Happy Candle Shopping to all :)  Don't forget -- you'll need to use the coupon found HERE to get the tarts & votives for $1 now. 

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