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4.5 months of Mailbox Monday (Part 2) - Twitter Party Winnings!

Okay, so, last week I showed you 4.5 months of Freebies.  I forgot to mention that you can learn how and when to sign up for freebies like these right here!  If they are really good freebies, I will do a separate blog post for them.  All the other little ones (which still have their merits -- see last week for details!) are posted in my Quick List of Freebies gadget in the right sidebar!  I also forgot to mention the several magazine freebies I got while we were gone. We had a pile two times the height of my lady when we got back!  I've got lots of reading to do:)  Some of the magazines that I got for free are Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Shape, Parenting, Parents, U.S. News & World Report, Weight Watchers (good coupons!), More, Baby Talk, and American Baby. Now I've got to learn how and where to recycle magazines...

So, without further is what I've won during the past 4.5 months at Twitter parties.  Not only can you win fun stuff at these parties, but you also get to chat with some pretty cool people. I keep a Twitter party calendar on my blog.  You can check it out under "Twitter Party Calendar" in the right sidebar under HOME.  I highly recommend these!  Even when you don't win, you still have fun :)

                                                                        Gis4Girl tee

A lot of what I won is not pictured because I forgot to take pics of a lot of it and I'm still waiting on some things to arrive.  I am also including links to the sites of people who threw the parties (in case you want to visit) and the product sites (in case you want to buy something!). 

Bambino swim diaper cover from an EcoChic party
5 bottles of Ziggy product from 5minutesformom party during the
Large bottle of Vaseline men's lotion from Mom Start's Vaseline party
$40 Sam's gift card from Sam's Club party
$25 iTunes gift card from Traveling Moms party
Monkey Tutulegz from @babyswags party (still haven't received yet, but supposed to be in the mail!)
2 coupons for Robert Farms yogurt from Thrifty and Chic Mom's LiveGive party
Whiplash Scooter from The Big Toy Book party
Traveling mug set from Amish Country's Garden Quilt Party
Cover Your Hair Beret from Thrifty and Chic Mom's LiveGive party (not pictured)
$25 Amazon gift card from Working Mother party w/ Country Inns (#wmcountry)
Diabetes cookbook and apron from @Canolainfo from Saute Today party
Clay pot eye shadow from Tarte Cosmetics (still haven't received yet...)
Tiny Prints personalized note cards & address labels from Resourceful Mom party
Diaper changing station for car from City Mommy party
Soft Cover Pixable book from a Macaroni Kid party (u can ask my fave Mac Kid Mom questions about Macaroni Kids at
Kapersky anti-virus from The Online Mom party
Gis4Girl tee from Gis4girl party
Pirate's Booty Snacks from Jes Gordon party with MuchandHousePR (still haven't received)
$25 Shop at Sullivan gift certificate from Mommy Perks Anne of Green Gables party (still haven't received yet)
3-in-1 pool games prize pack from Barefoot Mommies party with Swimways
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Tori said...

Cool Things!! I have never particpated in a twitter party - how do they work?

Paula@One Mom's Corner of the World said...

Congrats on all your giveaway wins! I already subscribe.

Happy MM!

SH said...

Wow great stuff ! I need to try those twitter parties !

wacki04 said...

Now those are some awesome giveaway prizes! I'm sure it was like Christmas every time you checked the mail!

Sister Soul said...

Visiting from Mailbox Monday! Subscribed via email, google friend follow, twitter follow & like on facebook! :) follow backs MOST welcome! THX.

craftymom said...

:P took me a few minutes to figure out what GFC was. duh. i didn't have one...but i got one now! thanks to you. you can be my first follower! :D

Eco-Friendly and Frugal said...

I'm also wondering about these Twitter Parties. How exactly do they work??

Rachel said...

We can recycle through city recycling program or you can donate to your local library (just cut or tear off the address section so people can't see your account number and change where it gets mailed to).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the twitter party wins wow... i guess I will have to participate in some of them I just haven't had time to do so... I guess by the looks of it I need to...


Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

Love twitter parties, but most of the time they dont' fit in my schedule! :-) Way to go!

Glad to have you with us for Mailbox Monday!! :-)

Dana @ The Coupon Challenge said...

What great wins and yes, what's a Twitter party.

Mellisa Rock said...

love twitter parties - but haven't won anything yet! Great Job! Have a great week!

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