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Out of 564 entries, the WINNER of the $40 CSN gc was entry #131, heartnsoulcooking!  Congratulations, heartnsoulcooking, I know you'll be able to find something you love with this CSN gift card!  I'll be emailing you within the hour!

Thank you SO much for all of your support on my first giveaway!  I TRULY appreciate it, and I do wish everyone could have won!  I also want to mention that the sky is definitely NOT the limit for us when choosing a vanity, but I wanted you guys to have fun and see what has to offer!  You all found some GREAT vanities!  At this point, we might have to go dumpster diving to find items to put inside our house...remodeling is expensive :) 

A HUGE thank you to CSN stores as well for giving me the opportunity to host this giveaway on my site!  You are such a generous company!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Because I appreciated all of the support so much, I decided to use again to choose a SECRET WINNER of one of the Freshwater Pearl necklaces from Beijing.  The two requirements to be able to win this secret giveaway were that you be a follower of Ten Talents in some way and that you entered this giveaway with at least 3 entries...that way, only those faithful ones who did a little bit of work would be eligible :)  You'll have to wait until next week's winner chooses his/her favorite, but Teaching Mommy you have also WON a Freshwater Pearl Necklace!  Congratulations!  I will email you now and then again next week to let you know what your choices are after next week's winner claims his/her prize!  If you win both (because you did enter both giveaways), well, then you'll be a very lucky lady :)

 Look at that!  Tweeting does pay off!  I've won a few giveaways by tweeting about them!

Thank you ALL so much again, and check back with me next week for a new giveaway that I'll be hosting as a part of the SheBlogs Summer Tour!  Did I mention that I like you guys so much?  I do!  I appreciate your support and your comments so, so, so much! 

Note: If you look on my comments, blogger says that I have 565 comments on this post, but there wasn't a 565th entry.  I cross-checked with my email to make sure that 564 was, in fact, the last entry before I entered the numbers into!
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LaVonne said...

Congratulations to the winner!

I wanted to let you know that you have an award over at my blog.


furygirl3132 said...

Happy Twitter Hop Thursday, I love your blog! I am following both your blog and on Twitter. Have a wonderful day!


lisad33611 said...

Thank you SO much for posting this! I'd love to attend a twitter party, but didn't even understand what a hashtag was! I've got your calendar open and am ready to rsvp to a party! I do have one question though...if I rsvp and for some reason forget or don't make it, what happens?

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