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ExpoTV MoneyMaker!

I can't believe I haven't told you guys about ExpoTV before!  I picked a good time because right now you have a chance to make a little money on their site!

ExpoTV is a product review site where they will give you points for doing video reviews of products.  You can cash in your points for all kinds of things like Amazon e-certificates, gift cards, electronics, etc.  Right now they are asking for reviews of any Clairol Hair Care product.  If you scored one of the FREE coupons for Clairol Natural Instincts, you can turn this freebie into a moneymaker!  Currently, you get 1000 points for uploading a video on a Clairol Hair Care product, and they are throwing in a bonus of a $15 gift card if you upload your video by July 12th

ExpoTV is also the home of the Tryology program where you get to review products in your home in exchange for doing a video upload.  You won't make a million dollars participating in either of these programs, but it will help out a little! And if you think about how much time it takes you to make and upload a video, it's actually a pretty fantastic deal!

Go HERE to register and get started!  They also give you a pretty good bonus for uploading your first video too!'s not over yet.  They are also currently offering 300 points for a video upload on any Tropicana product.  So...if you scored the free carton of Tropicana when they ran that promotion from their Juicy Rewards program that I told you about earlier this year, then you can use that and get even more points!  I find that I will often get a FREE or nearly FREE product and then ExpoTv will be offering points for a video review of that same product within a couple of weeks.  I think it's because the companies that are offering high value coupons are also wanting feedback, so it's a win-win for those of us who coupon!

Other campaigns currently running:
New Pantene products (almost free with coupon.  I think I paid $.50) : 500 points
CoverGirl ShadowBlast, LashBlast or Simply Ageless product: 300 points
Gillette Venus Embrace Razors and Refill Cartridges: 500 points
Share your fave 4th of July recipe: 300 points

I would hurry on this if I were you because they only allow points for a certain number of uploads.  You can upload a review of any product and be entered in a sweepstakes for various prizes too!

P.S. -- If you've got a Mac and a camera, I can walk you through how to upload a video step by step!  Just let me know if I can help :) 
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Bree said...

Neat to know- -gosh, I so don't want to go to video stuff, easier than reading but I am not a looker on camera, I type much cuter :)- have fun- win lots of goodies.

lisad33611 said...

Thanks for posting this! I signed up under you and am so excited to review new products! I'm a blogger and want to get more into reviews and giveways...this will be a great way to practice! :)

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