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Wow! I'm honored...and thankful!

 I just wanted to thank you all SO much for the many awards you've been sending my way this past week!  I think it would take me ten years to nominate others for all of the awards (and I would just be sending them right back to the amazing ppl who sent them to me!), so I'm going to just use this post to say a BIG thank you to those who sent the awards to me...and try to complete some of the other requests that go with the awards!

1st up --Terri Ann of Cookies and Clogs, Flufferwuffer of Cheap Geeks Anonymous, and "Me" :) from Discovering the Me in Mommy  all sent me the awesome Versatile Blogger award!  Thank you all so much!  Sometimes I think people only pay attention to the Low Entry Lowdown on here, so it's nice to know that some might also check out some other things :)  This one requests that you tell 7 things about you, so here it goes...
1.  I ate scorpions and sea worms in China, but I had to spit out the locusts.  Couldn't handle that.
2.  I was born with gastroschesis, a condition where your organs are on the outside of your body when you're born...pretty strange.  Even more of a reason why my baby girl is a miracle to me!
3.  I am pretty sure that Colorado is the best place on earth.
4.  I am a VERY reluctant traveler.  I feel like I've been all over the world, and yet I really would rather just stay home and not travel.
5.  I am ashamed to say that I have lost my Southern accent.  It makes me sad :(
6.  Even though I tell my husband that I CAN buy things that I don't have coupons for that aren't on sale, it's really, really hard for me to do so.
7.  I am a dessert addict.  I pretty much only eat dinner (unless it's steak or pizza or something really cheesy) so I can eat dessert. 

The Bush League Cook and Midget Momma gave me the Blog with Substance award.   My blogging philosophy in five words or less: Help Others and Have Fun! Sometimes, I get so busy I forget to do that second one, but I'm working on it :)  Thank you both so means a lot to know that you think my blog has some substance to it...I like substance :)

Heather from Living on Love and Cents, Kathleen from Life with 4 Boys, and Kat from My "Tots" Exactly gave me the Sunshine Award.  I am pretty sure that "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles got me through many a day in China when I thought I'd never see the sun again, so this award means a lot to me!  Thank you ladies for sending lots of sunshine my way :)

Jinnia from gave me the Cherry On Top Award.  This was a new one to me!  I am supposed to share 3 things I love about!  That's hard.
1.  I love that God made me a lover of books.  I love the way that they smell.  I love the way it feels to hold one in your hands.  I love getting so lost in a story that I am overwhelmed by it.
2.  I love that I enjoy couponing.  Though everyone I know makes fun of me for it because I have been a "little" :) crazy about it, I'm glad it's something I enjoy and not a chore to me.
3.  I love that I think my husband is hilarious.  I'm not sure that's something about myself, but I love it all the same, and I ran out of things I love about myself :)

I'm also supposed to add a picture I here's a recent one of the Shark (aka "The Tutu Monster")!
Thank you, Jinnia!  You are always making me smile with the ways that you single out other bloggers to make them feel special!  I appreciate your support :)

WOW!  I am even more thankful after finishing this post.  (If I missed any awards, please let me email is a crazy mess right now and I'm afraid I'm missing all kinds of emails and comments from my blog!)  The fact that you all took the time to send these awards my way means a lot to me!  I am overwhelmed :)  Many blessings to all of you, and thank you again for your support and encouragement!

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Flufferwuffer said...

Wow! Congrats on allllllll the awards! I'm glad I could give one to you! I do read a lot of your posts, not just the LEL (even though I love that, too!)

Cheap Geeks Anonymous

Shairbearg said...

I have to say I love the low-entry lowdown, but I do for sure check out your blog! It actually helps me to, b/c I find I forget some of my fav blogs b/c I am too busy doing things for mine, or entering giveaways. First thing I do when entering giveaways is check out the low-entry low down, so I read your blog every day to check out the lowdown. I loved reading the special things about you.

Erin said...

Congratulations on all your awards. You deserve them, that's for sure.

Hope you're getting settled back int he states!

Have a great and safe 4th!

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