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The Low Entry Lowdown for 7/21 (McLinky at bottom!) & Wobble Over Wed!

Low Entry Lowdown News:
I'm thinking of keeping the McLinky as a part of the LEL but still doing the majority of the work myself.  I'll post the usual new and previous entries and then have the McLinky at the end.  That way anyone can add a low entry giveaway (especially if it ends that day or they just prefer that way as opposed to sending it to me).  This gives you guys more giveaways to enter and more options for ppl to get them posted too.  Also, since I am going to New York next week (which I HOPE is my last trip for a very, very long time!), I can fall back on the McLinky if we can't get internet access consistently there either.  I find it crazy that I am getting internet access WHILE we are driving, but I couldn't get it most of the time in Mississippi. a strange creature :)


**If you're new, you can learn more about The Low Entry Lowdown HERE.**

If you'd like me to list your giveaway/s on the Low Entry Lowdown, please email me the LINK AND THE DATE your giveaway ends!   

 If YOU'VE  won something from clicking on a Low Entry Lowdown giveaway, please leave me a comment and let me know!  It will make my day :)

New Entries
Boogie Wipes -- ENDS TODAY
Coffee ($5 Starbucks gc) or Gourmet Brownies -- ends 7/22
10 (yes, 10!) giveaways TOTAL -- not sure all will be low entry by the time this posts, but it's worth checking out as most are right now-- ends 7/22 @ 9 AM EST
Bagnesia Shopping Kit -- ends 7/22
Sterling Silver Toe Ring -- ends 7/24
WiggyRoll blanket -- ends 7/26
EcoUsable Water Bottle -- ends 7/26
$25 gc to Invitation Box -- ends 7/27
TyneBoden Necklace -- ends 7/30 @ 9 PM EST (1st giveaway -- plz help her out!)
Boogie Wipes -- ends 8/1
The Rattles 'Rattle On' CD -- ends 8/1
$200 Target gc -- ends 8/5 (I'm pretty sure this one is legit...I'm sorry about the last huge giveaway that ended

Previous Giveaways
Nachomama Tees -- ends 7/18
$60 CSN gc -- ends 7/18
Ad space on craft blog -- ends 7/19 (2 winners)
Wat-aah -- ends 7/20
$15 gc to EcoMom -- ends 7/21
Bodycake Spa Items -- ends 7/21
Mistura Makeup -- ends 7/21
$10 gc to Kidsmart -- ends 7/21 (2 winners)
Crazy Dog Tee -- ends 7/22
Melitta Ready Set Joe -- ends 7/23
Custom Poster -- ends 7/25
$60 CSN gc -- ends 7/26
Kimono Bodysuit -- ends 7/27
Wat-aah -- ends 7/28

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Every Mom Has Her Day said...

Hi from WOW, I am a new follower, hope you follow me back :)

Eco-Friendly and Frugal said...

Hello again! Thanks to you I won a Crazy Dog giveaway! I can start rebuilding my ruined clothing collection. :)

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