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Kohl's 30% off code valid July 14th-21st! Woohoo!

I only have ONE store credit card, and that's my Kohl's card because you can get SUPER great deals with this card!  When they are having a sale, they send you a card in the mail and you peel to see if you will get an extra 15, 20, or 30% off for the sale.  I rarely get the 30% off, but I opened my mail yesterday, peeled off the sticker, and WOOHOO -- lucky lady with 30% off for their sale next week!  Well, you can also use this code online, so I called them and asked if I could share it with you.  They said YES! 

You do have to have a Kohl's credit card to use this code, so I would recommend getting one if you don't have one.  There is no annual fee (though I would check on this before signing up in case the rules are different in your particular case), so if you pay it off immediately, it's completely free for you and you get an extra 15% to 30% off ANYTHING for their sales. 

So...if you check out their clearance and find something 80% off (which isn't too hard to do), you'll get an extra 30% off that price!  I am very excited because I know I'll find some great clearance deals on clothing for the Shark.  Since she continues to grow at a rapid pace (imagine that!), clearance deals on clothes make me very, very happy!  Now, this sale doesn't start until July 14th (and it's valid through the 21st), so don't try to use the code before then because it won't work :)  The code is SIZZLING30.  I will try to remind you on the 14th, and I'll also keep an eye out for a free shipping code because a 30% off code AND a shipping code would be AWESOME!  Kohl's lets you return anything you buy online in stores, so if you've got a Kohl's near you, you can' t go wrong with the free shipping deals.

Note: Kohl's did not pay me anything or give me anything to share this with you, though in my excitement, I may have made you think that :)  I just really do think they have some great deals and wanted to share that with you!  Of course, as always, I only tell you about these deals to help you out...if it would hurt you to use this code because it's not a good time for you right now, please don't use it!
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