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The Low Entry Lowdown McLinky for 7/16

Looks like the LEL is going to be a McLinky for a least until next Thursday or so.  How's this working out?  Please let me know what you're thinking.  If it's not working out and you have other ideas, please let me know :)  There is a slight possibility I might be able to do a real LEL tonight...not sure.  Funny how internet in the South is not always a given :)


Please only enter your giveaways if they are less than 100 entries and if they end on or before 7/27.

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Shairbearg said...

I love the traditional one of course! But this is so working out for me, until the regular one comes back.

♥Cari♥ said...

I think it's great, and I'm sure it saves you a TON of work!!

lisad33611 said...

I like the linky as well as the "old" way. The Linky might encourage folks with high entries to submit though.

LeeAnn said...

Either way works for me. I'm sure this is less work for you, though. I love how I can submit a "low entry" giveaway here, and it becomes a not-so-low-entry giveaway. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

both ways are great but I think this is less work for you which is great. The old way must take up so much of your time. This is a WONDERFUL service you provide.

Nelsby said...

In all honesty, I do enjoy the traditional LEL better. I find that you post giveaways that I don't see elsewhere. However, I completely understand the amount of time it must take you. And while it is MOST certainly appreciated, I am sure you need a break -- at least from time to time!

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