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The Low Entry Lowdown for 5/29

**If you're new, you can learn more about The Low Entry Lowdown HERE.**

AND-- If you've won something from clicking on a Low Entry Lowdown, please leave me a comment and let me know!  It will make my day :)  

 New Entries
$20 Plum Organics/ Revolution food --ENDS TODAY
Jumpstart 3 month Membership --ENDS TODAY
Pet Oral Care -- ENDS TODAY
Swanky Aprons $35 gc -- ends 5/31
Sugar Free Ring Pops -- ends 6/2
Grill Daddy Pro -- ends 6/4
Tyler Florence gift pack -- ends 6/4
16 inches or smaller jewelry -- ends 6/4

Previous Entries
Savvycents -- ends 5/30
Cover Girl Lipgloss and Lipstain -- ends 5/30
The Hope of Refuge -- ends 6/8
Blush Topless Undershirt -- ENDS TODAY
Yoplait Yogurt and Spa Kit -- ENDS TODAY
Homemade Tutu -- ends 6/4
Rachel Cohen Ceramic and Glass Boutique gc -- ends 6/19  
Tummy 2 Tummy (Wearing Your Baby Instructional DVD) -- ENDS TODAY
Flo3er Note Cards -- ends 5/31
YoBaby yogurt -- ends 5/31
Parenting with Pets -- ends 6/5
Skoy Cloths -- ends 6/8
Tastefully Simple Strawberry Sweetness Package -- ends 6/1
Late Night Quilter Quilt -- 5/31
Easy Green Organic Book --ENDS TODAY
Clean Queen lotion -- ends 5/30
Bellybuds (bellyphones for pregnant women) -- ends 5/30
Baltic Amber Teething Necklace -- 6/4
1-800-Flowers $50 gc -- Ends 5/30
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lindsey said...

So glad to find you! Thanks for the follow :) I have a giveaway w/ not too many entries. HEre is the link:, its for a fitness dvd: AMy Bento Abs & Stretch. It ends tomorrow but I have new giveaways each week so I will come back and post.

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