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Adios, Starbucks! Stainless Steel Milk Frother only $1.49! has their Stainless Steel Milk Frother on special for $4.99.  With this coupon code "MLCK248254051970NL1", it drops to $1.49 shipped!  If you're like me and you're too cheap to buy a fancy coffeemaker or spend $3+ per coffee at Starbucks, then this little baby will make you happy!  I had one and it just broke, so I am excited!  I steam my milk in the micro and then use this--it makes it taste almost- kind of- just like a fancy coffee from Starbucks.   No, does make it taste a good way :)

Only 600 coupons for this one, so hurry if you want it!

Thanks, DealNews!
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