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Now That's Excellent Customer Service! 

 I just had a major rant about negative customer service the other day, so I figured it's only fair for me to tell you about my latest SUPER positive customer service experience!  I took part in a Twitter party a long, long time ago for ConAgra foods and Feeding America with Resourceful Mom.  I won a CD from Katharine McPhee during the party (I think she was partnering with them for the party), and about a month or two later I got an email from Resourceful Mom asking if I'd received my prize.  I hadn't, so I filled in the form she provided and then forgot all about it.

I was SO excited when I opened the package from ConAgra yesterday and totally SHOCKED when I read the letter they sent with the CD.  Because it took so long to send the CD, they also gave me a $20 Amazon gift code!  Seriously!  They totally didn't have to do that, but man do I have a positive view of ConAgra now!  That was way above and beyond in the customer service department!  Thanks so much, ConAgra, Feeding America, and Katharine McPhee!   You really take care of your customers :) 
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