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$1.18 Domain Names @ GoDaddy -- 1st 10,000 only!

If you've been waiting to register your blog with a .com domain name because you didn't want to pay the $10.49 to do so, today is your lucky day :) The first 10,000 people to register a new domain name at can use the code SCARYONE to get a domain name for $.99 for a year. That comes out to $1.18 with tax for me!

Go HERE to get started! 

In the possibly distant future, my new blog domain name will be if I can just get it all together and get back to blogging consistently....or at all :)

Thanks, Swaggrabber!
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lisad33611 said...

Oh shoot! I knew I should have waited. :) Great deal though and congrats on getting your own domain name! I thought switching from blogspot to my own domain would be hard, but it wasn't. The trickiest part was waiting for the godaddy and google servers to refresh so the site came up.

Thanks for stopping in today! I've been super busy with a fussy baby who only wants to nurse this week. She was eating 4 jars of baby food per day, and now I can't get her to eat any. Like a reverse nursing strike or something. I still pop in just about every day, just haven't had a lot of time to say hello.

Take care,

mona said...

thanks a lot i will check this one, been searching on how to make my own domain but reading also advantages and disadvantages of it, thanks again.

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