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My Daughter Wore a Dog Costume :)

 I'm not really sure what to say about this year's Halloween costume.  It kind of happened by accident.  If you've been reading this blog since the beginning (which was only about 6 months ago, I guess), you know that we've always called my daughter the Shark because of her fondness for the Mama Shark (doot doot doot doot) song.  Well, I wanted a shark costume for her because it seemed so fitting, but I couldn't find one.  So...I was really excited when my sister found a shark "costume" for her, though she did mention that it MIGHT be a dog costume.  She meant for her to just play dress-up with it, but I somehow got my wires crossed and thought it was meant to be her Halloween costume.  I refused to face the truth until it was too late, and tonight I did the unthinkable.  I let my daughter go to the Harvest Fest at our church dressed in a shark costume designed for a dog...and it was pretty obvious :)  I suppose this will make for a fun story later when we tell her that her 2nd Halloween costume was actually a dog costume...and it will give her more ammo when she blames her need for therapy on us in the future :)  

**Also, at the last minute I decided to try to make the costume better by fashioning a shark hat for her with teeth.  The only problem was that the only ball cap she owns is a pink Disney princess cap.  I decided to make it anyway.  I figured it couldn't make the costume any worse.  I may have been wrong :)

Look at that trusting little face...she had no idea what we had done to her :)
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lisad33611 said...

HA! What a cute post! I'm sure she'll love her "shark" costume, even if it was meant to be a dog costume. She's beautiful and seems content. And, like you said, it makes for a great story!

Stasha said...

Aww! She is adorable! Dog costume or not, it turned out great!

The Spears Family said...

OMG! This is HILARIOUS! She looks cute though. You probably could've added grey felt to the front and it would've been less obvious.... maybe for the next costume keep that in mind ;-)

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

Oh, okay. I get it now...she wore a pet costume. at first I thought you meant she dressed up as a dog. I can't tell the difference and she looks like she enjoyed herself. she's a doll!

Jenny @ Freebie Spot said...

This made me LoL :) She's still cute!

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