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Traveling for the Holidays? 2 FREE Audiobooks!

Sweet!  If you've got a long car ride ahead of you (try 24 hours each way in our case), you might want to check out this offer from Amazon!  They are currently offering 2 free audiobooks through (a part of Amazon that sells audiobooks) when you start a 30-day free trial.  You get the 2 free audiobooks, and if you decide that you aren't interested in the service after that, you just cancel before the 30 days are over.

You can browse the audio selections HERE if you want to see if they have any books you might want to listen to before starting the free trial.

My husband has been wanting to read a new book called Radical -- Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream and I KNOW he'd rather listen than read, so this is perfect!   Now we only have to find something to do the other 18 hours of the trip :)  Any suggestions?

Thanks again, My Frugal Adventures!
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LaVonne said...

I want to get that book too! I think I will get it for Kindle App on my iPod touch.

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