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CSN Stores Review - Sterling Forge Barbeque Toolset

When CSN stores gave me the opportunity to do a review of one of the many, many items in their 200+ stores, I wasn't sure how I was going to narrow it down and choose only one!  I had planned on reviewing the Dutch Oven that was chosen for me in my last CSN stores gift card giveaway, but my grandmother ended up giving me a Dutch Oven right before the review, so that wasn't an option anymore.  As luck would have it, my husband had JUST put together his new grill (that he's pretty proud of, I might add), and he needed a grill set because my flimsy tongs and tiny steak knives just weren't cutting it.

We chose the Sterling Forge 18-piece Barbeque Toolset for only $48.99 (with FREE SHIPPING!) mostly because we wanted to say that we own an 18-piece Barbeque Toolset :)  I mean, this thing is so amazing that we're not even sure what all of the tools are supposed to be used for!  Having said that, I do want to mention that this has been the one thing that I wasn't 100% satisfied with.  Maybe we are just dumb, but we really don't know what all the tools are for, and the set didn't come with any details or instructions.  So...we'll either be guessing and using them for what we hope is the right purpose, or some of the tools won't ever be used at all.  In every other aspect though, we are more than happy.

Here's what it looks like in real life with my shadow in the way :)

My fave tool is the one below because it is a spatula that has a knife edge on one side so that you can cut into your meat to make sure it's done before serving.  I didn't even know they made tools like that for grilling, and I really, really wish we'd discovered it long ago.  It's so useful!

Overall, this kit is great, and we are excited to get to use it even more next summer!  We might even do some snow grilling just because we didn't get in enough uses before our propane tank ran out and we want to try out the corn knobs!  I encourage you to keep CSN stores in mind when you're shopping for holiday gifts -- they've got great deal and you won't have to deal with the crowds...put on a little Christmas music and shop away!
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Beeb said...

How cool that it has a knife edge so that you can easily check the meat to make sure it's done - very handy!

I love working with CSN Stores. Last night, I used a gift code which they sent me for a review to purchase a new kettle, crock pot, and digital meat thermometer. I love new kitchen gadgets!

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

Fun!! That is hard though when things don't come with identifying info. What pieces aren't you sure of? I think I know what all the pieces are for maybe.....

Wendy said...

That set looks way rad! Too bad about not knowing what they are all for, but will be fun to figure out :) Very nice!!

Shairbearg said...

We actually just bough a super cute puzzle set for my nephew from CSN stores!! We have the whole set, and his Grandma (on the other side of the family) has only part of the set, and he loves them and plays with them the whole time he is at our houses. So he will go crazy for this!

Jen (Mama Schell) said...

What a great set and what a great gift idea for the BBQer in my hubby!


Lisa Moore Gee said...

Hi! Here from this for that!! Please return the favor and follow back on GFC?

I just ordered a coat rack from CSN Stores,it was easy to assemble and looks great! I love CSN stores so much!!

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