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Traveling 24 hours by Car w/ a 14-month-old (aka - We Must be Nuts!)

Well, well, just as I've started getting emails for the Low Entry Lowdown again, we are headed for no-internet land once again :)  Yep, we're leaving this evening to drive 24 plus hours (each way) to visit my family for Thanksgiving.  I'll try to update when I can, though we won't have internet on some of the nights that we are there.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and that those of US who will be shopping on Black Friday will be safe and successful :) 

Any tips on what to do to amuse a 14-month-old for such a long time in the car are GREATLY are your prayers for a safe journey :)

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Gale said...

Oh my...the longest I've ever tried was a 4 hour trip. Wasn't fun. Ended up sitting in the back seat with my child a lot of the trip, to amuse him. Even that was only so much help. I suggest frequent stops...even if they make the trip longer. And some new toys in the car...several, not all brought out at once. And lots of little snack items and sippy cups.

Gale said...

PS: Please share with us how it went and what tips you would suggest after you get back! I'm sure lots of people would like to learn from what you learned from experience. :-)

Chris said...

Do you have a portable dvd player or can you borrow one. Those are great for keeping a little one occupied for a couple of hours at a time. I also suggest the new little toys, a bagful where a new surprise can come out every once in a while.
Hope you have a wonderful trip.

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