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A Simple Act of Kindness that Brought Comfort and Joy to My Life...

They say that you don't know someone until you walk a mile in his or her shoes, and lately I've been thinking about the fact that sometimes you often don't know how to best comfort or help someone until you've walked a mile in his or her shoes either.  When I had my daughter a year ago, one of my friends brought me dinner (complete with dessert), diapers, and bubble bath, and this simple act of kindness opened my eyes to a whole new realm of helping others.

I've always been a believer in the importance of helping each other out in life, but I never realized that my ability to help others is often limited by my understanding of HOW I can really help others until that night that my friend arrived with dinner.  I was exhausted - physically, emotionally, mentally, and in every other way possible.   When my friend brought dinner that night I was so thankful that I could have cried when she walked in the door.  I had never brought someone dinner before in my life.  Not because I wasn't willing but because I had NO idea that it was such a need.  I had no idea that it could mean so much to someone or bless them so much.  Now that I know, I am acutely aware of helping others in this way.  Not only did my friend change my night so long ago, but she also unknowingly changed the way that I view helping others for what I believe will be the course of my life.

So, in conclusion, I hope that this little post makes you think about all the ways that you can comfort and help others out there.  You can get started today by visiting Kleenex's Softness Worth Sharing website and sending a FREE box of Kleenex (that is SUPER cute, I might add) to someone special.  This holiday season is the perfect time to start thinking of new ways to help others as there are so many out there who are hungry, sad, lonely, etc.  I hope that not only will you find yourself being a comfort and joy to someone in need but that you also will be as blessed as I was by someone who finds you at just the right place in just the right time!

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