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Update on Yankee Candle Sale! ALL Tarts & Votives included!

Just got an email from Yankee Candle stating that ALL of the Tarts & Votives will be $1!  Sweet happiness -- that means the fall ones too!  Now I HAVE to go...can't miss out on that! 

Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you need some time to plan your trip to the Yankee Candle Labor Day sale.  It starts TODAY (SEPT.1) tomorrow, and ALL TARTS & VOTIVES various scents will be on sale!  The best part is that their votives will be $1 each (not all scents, just some), and you can use the $10 off $25 coupon I told you about HERE to get 25 votives for $15!  That is a great deal! 

**Don't forget to check out my POST HERE on why it's smarter to buy votives rather than their big candles, especially during these sales! **
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