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Target Diaper Deal -- If Available in Your Area!

Can't believe I forgot to tell you guys this! Two days ago, I was browsing the end caps in the baby aisles of Target (you can find some really great deals there if you bring all of your baby coupons!), and I noticed that the 66 pack Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers were marked down from $19.99 to $13.85! I didn't have the coupons I wanted with me, so I went home to see what I could find.

If you got the Target baby mailer, you should have a $5 off 2 packs of Huggies Target coupon. If you print two $3 off Pure & Natural Huggies coupons from, then you'll get a grand total of $11 off two packs of diapers! I ended up paying $18.98 with tax for 132 diapers (I bought two of the 66 packs). We needed diapers pretty badly, so I was super excited! 

I generally try to beat Sam's Club prices when buying diapers.  They sell Huggies Snug & Dry for $37.98 (before tax) per 200 diapers, which is about .189 cents per diaper.  I paid $16.70 (before tax) for the two packs of Huggies Pure & Natural (supposedly a better diaper--I do like it!) for 132 diapers, which comes out to .126 cents per diaper!  Sweet deal in my book :) 

Let me know if you find them in your store for this price! I wouldn't take a special trip to Target because this might just be our store, but it couldn't hurt to call and ask!

Hope you find some!
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Kerin Lee said...

What a great deal on diapers!

lisad33611 said...

These were on clearance at my target a couple weeks ago too. I didn't have my coupons with me either and when I went back they were all gone. :( Great deal on diapers!

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