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Taking the Weekend Off!

My Mom and Maw Maw are arriving tonight for my lady's birthday Sunday, so I'm going to take the Labor Day weekend off from posting!   I'll be back on Tuesday.  If you really can't live without the Low Entry Lowdown, you could do a little experiment and enter every single new giveaway on yesterday's post and all the previous giveaways (under the new giveaways section) and let me know many you win :) I think that sounds like a fun experiment that I wish I had time to conduct on my own! 

The This for That linky will be open all weekend, so you can just keep adding to that until I post a new one on Tuesday morning.  I know it won't let you add the same url twice, but you can link to different pages on your site...just make sure it's clear how to get to the page you want others to visit for following, giveaways, etc. 

Hope you all have a very safe and happy Labor Day weekend!  If I do get a chance during the lady's nap today, I will post the low entry giveaways ending this weekend that have been emailed to me.  I will try to get those up if possible! 

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Shairbearg said...

GASP!! Taking the weekend off???? LOL Have a great one, and enjoy your company, and little lady's b-day!

Tori said...

Enjoy Little Ladies Birthday!!! And all that gerat family coming in!!! Happy Labor Day.

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