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The Low Entry Lowdown for 12/2

**If you're new, you can learn more about The Low Entry Lowdown HERE.**

If you'd like me to list your giveaway on the Low Entry Lowdown, please email me the LINK AND THE DATE your giveaway ends!    Please only send me 1 to 3 giveaways at a time and please only send those that end within the next two weeks.  You are more than welcome to send me more than one email, but I have a hard time getting up ALL of your giveaways if you send me a huge list in one email because I want to give everyone a chance to get on the LEL if they need to so I only list a couple from one person each post.  If you send one email at a time with 1 to 3 giveaways in each email, I'm more likely to get them all up!  Thanks so much :) 

Newly Listed Entries
$25 gift card (choice of 3) -- ends 12/4
National Geographic Kids Atlas -- ends 12/6
Spoonful of Comfort -- ends 12/7 
Uncommonly Cute Tee -- ends 12/8
$25 Dali Decal gc -- ends 12/9
Coobie Bra -- ends 12/10
$25 EcoMom gc -- ends 12/10
2 $10 Victoria's Secret gift cards -- ends 12/11
Trim Tread Shoes -- ends 12/12

Previously Listed Entries
$25 Anthropologie gc -- ends 12/3
$15 Ilze's Memories gc -- ends 12/3
Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil -- ends 12/5
$35 CSN gc -- ends 12/5
Toddler Board Books -- ends 12/6
Secret Science Team Kit -- ends 12/6
Baltic Amber Teething Necklace -- ends 12/3
$50 Plastic Jungle gc -- ends 12/4 
The First Years Jet Stroller -- ends 12/4
$50 REI gc & Breathe Right Nasal Strips -- ends 12/4
$25 AppleCheeks gc -- ends 12/4
KinderGlo Portable Night Light -- ends 12/5
$25 Kiki's Maternity gc -- ends 12/5 
$75 Sears gc -- ends 12/6 

Please only enter those giveaways that end within 2 weeks and have less than 100 entries!  Thanks :)

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Thank you. Can't believe I am first.

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